Wish you a joyous International Dance Day

Picture of Dance, in Satyuga

Day after tomorrow, 29th April is International Dance Day, or World Dance Day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual lessons from dance!

Dance is a profession today… Similarly, let’s also become a professional in maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Dance is very graceful… Similarly, let’s become so full of the experience of our original virtues inside, that our every action outside becomes an act of grace!

Indian classical dance is a wonderful symphony of expressions, gestures & body movements… Similarly, let’s make our life a perfect balance between work & relations, self-service & serving others, etc… This art of balance, earns us lots of blessings, keeping us in a state of bliss always!

Most group dances (like the Dandiya Raas of Gujarat) are very harmonious, requiring full co-ordination between the participants involved… Similarly, let’s play the sanskar milan raas of adjusting with everyone’s sanskars, to enjoy a very harmonious & beautiful life always!

Dance is a form of art… Similarly, let’s adopt the art of right living!

  • The Art of Speaking… just means speaking less, slow, sweet & truthful
  • The Art of Eating… just means eating food silently in God’s remembrance
  • The Art of Waking Up… just means wishing Good Morning (ie connecting) to God immediately on waking up, and filling ourselves with all His powers
  • The Art of Sleeping… just means making our mind slow & silent before sleeping (by sharing all our day’s news to God & reading spiritual knowledge for a few minutes) to enjoy the best-quality sleep

Dance is always done in symphony with music, hence let’s also take some spiritual lessons from music:

  • Music is loved by many… Similarly, let’s become so virtuous that everyone likes us
  • Although each musical tone (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, etc) is different, they result in beautiful music when played together… Similarly, even though everyone may be different, let’s live in harmony & unity with all, to enjoy a melodious life always!
  • Similarly, even though the musical instruments are different, they sound beautiful when played together… Hence, even while being with souls of different age, gender, language, etc, let’s keep serving & learning from all… This becomes very easy by considering them & ourselves a pure soul, child of one Supreme Father!

Dance is a full-body exercise… Similarly, let’s also perform the exercise of mind (ie meditation) daily!

Indeed, let’s keep dancing in supersensuous joy & happiness always!… Hence, like the chakor dances on seeing the moon (and peacock on seeing the rain), let’s remain lost in God’s love & remembrance!

The physical dance uses up a lot of energy, hence can only be practiced for a limited time… But this spiritual dance increases our energy and can be practiced 24×7!

Keeping in view the sanctity & divinity of dance… Let’s adopt purity in dance; in terms of our clothes, lyrics, expressions & places we visit for dance, etc


Picture of Dance, in Satyuga

Dance is an expression of happiness… In Satyuga, souls were naturally happy inside & dance was an expression of this happiness within… Now in Kaliyuga, we’re discharged hence many have become dependent / addicted on dance for feeling good… Hence, let’s realize again that while external things may give temporary pleasure, true permanent happiness lies in the right way of thinking, which is supported only by daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation… This awareness is the most important 1st step in bringing the ever-happy land Satyuga once again!

Hence, let’s make God our choreographer ie perform every action based on His elevated directions… This ensures our whole life itself becomes a dance of joy!

Hence, on International Dance Day today, let’s keep listening to God’s song of knowledge & keep dancing in supersensuous joy!… ie remain ever-happy & thereby become instrumental in bringing the ever-happy land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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