Spiritual Significance of Diyas

Spiritual Significance of Diyas imageSpiritual Significance of Diyas

Like the diya is a flame on earthen vessel, even we’re souls in this physical body!

Hence, we’re spiritual diyas… Glowing in the experience of peace, love & joy!

Sparkling the light of soul-consciousness!

The flame is very bright, sparkling & beautiful… Hence, when we remain in the experience of our original virtues inside, even our face starts sparkling with joy!

Thus, to remain in the constant experience of peace, love & joy (i.e., to keep this diya shining always!)… Let’s:

  • Keep ourselves full of the oil of knowledge… Which keeps fuelling the awareness that we’re originally very pure, divine souls!
  • Keep our wick of purity erect… Since purity is the mother of peace, love & joy!
  • Even if fast winds (or storms) of situations & people come… Let’s remain full of stability & peace!

It’s considered inauspicious for the diya to doze off… Hence, let’s ensure full awareness & attention on our thoughts, to keep this flame of soul-consciousness lit always!

Indeed, when this diya starts remaining lit always… Our every day will become as happy & joyous as Diwali!

Connecting to the ever-shining flame God!

The diya needs to be lighted from an external source… Hence, let’s connect to the ever-shining flame God (who lights the flame of all!), to light our flame of soul-consciousness!

Indeed in Diwali, there’s one big lamp using which many small lamps are lit… Hence, God is that Deepraj (King of Lamps) who lights the flame of all of us Deepranis!

And when our flame is lit, we can light other diyas too… Hence, let’s ignite the flame of true peace, love & joy in all!… Thus, creating a rosary of diyas (i.e., Deepavali!) 

And when everyone’s flame is ignited, the world outside gets transformed into Satyuga once again!

Diya means Giving!

The word diya means to give… Hence, let’s keep giving to all!

Although diyas are available in many different shapes & designs, their flame is the same… Similarly, even though we may be different in terms of age, gender, position, etc, originally as souls we’re one!… This awareness makes it very natural to keep giving love & respect to all!

Even the most beautifully designed but unlit diya seems dull compared to an ordinary but lit diya… Hence, let’s enhance our inner beauty of virtues, rather than just focusing on external looks!

Meditation Commentary (Spiritual Significance of Diyas)

In this earthen vessel (body)… I the diya… Sparkling in the experience of purity, peace, love & joy..

God Himself has said… Like me, you’re full of divinity & joy… Brightening my happiness even more..

He’s full of bright light… Of love… Filling me with this divine energy… Recharging my battery… He’s my dear Deepraj.. 

Will keep this flame lit the whole day today… Irrespective of anything outside… The power of God’s love is with me always..

Will keep sharing His love with all… Creating Satyuga again..

Om Shanti!

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