Wish you a very Happy World Earth Day

Picture for World Earth Day

Tomorrow 22nd April is World Earth Day, or International Mother Earth Day… Hence, today provides an excellent opportunity to take some wonderful spiritual lessons from Mother Earth!

Earth, being one of the 5 elements of nature, always gives… Indeed, that’s why we call the earth as Mother Earth… Similarly, let’s also continue the flow of giving to all

The earth provides a place for us to live… Similarly, let’s also accommodate all & allow everyone to live freely alongwith us

The earth is the only planet which sustains life… Similarly, let’s also become life-giving ie help everyone experience their original virtues (of peace love & happiness) once again

Astronauts say the earth looks very beautiful from space… And indeed, the earth is the most beautiful of all planets… Hence, let’s inculcate the inner beauty of virtues within, which automatically makes our face sparkle with happiness!

From space, the earth looks like a big ball suspended in space ie as if it’s very light… Similarly, let’s also become very light from within, by:

  • Giving all our burdens & worries to God
  • Remaining in the very light experience of being a soul
  • Remembering that life is like a wonderful game, hence not to take tough situations too seriously… God is with us & we’re following His elevated directions, hence everything will be good, good & only good!
  • Remaining connected to God, who’s always very light & relaxed

The earth is surrounded by clouds, and clouds are soft & float in air… Similarly, let’s also become very soft-spoken & light from within!

The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field all around… Similarly, let’s remain enveloped in the magnetic energy of God’s love!

The earth keeps revolving around the Sun… Similarly, let’s keep revolving around (ie remembering) the Supreme Sun God, who’s the Unlimited Source of spiritual energy & powers… This keeps us too full with the same powers!

The earth keeps rotating around itself… Similarly, let’s keep remembering our elevated self-respect points shared by God… Like:

  • I’m a unique & special soul, with numerous specialities
  • I’m God’s child, master over all His virtues & powers
  • I’m a divine soul
  • I’m God’s angel, sharing blessings with all
  • I’m a victorious jewel
  • etc

To become like the earth, let’s become free from vyarth (ie waste thinking)!

Earthen pots in the kitchen naturally keep the water within cool… Similarly, let’s also become very cool & calm from within… By remembering:

  • Remaining in the awareness that ‘I’m a Peaceful Soul’
  • Even if others speak ill, they’re not saying to us, but just reflecting their disturbed state of mind… And they’re in more pain..
  • Even if tough situations come, they’ve come to make me strong… And even these times will pass..
  • Situations & people don’t create my response, but I’m the creator of every thought… Hence, by empowering our mind with spiritual knowledge & meditation, let’s remain protected from negative influence always, thereby able to positively influence the world around!

Indeed, the earth is burning in the fire of vices & weaknesses today, hence let’s become those divine cool angels which soothe the hearts of all!

The earth’s air consists of 78% nitrogen & 21% oxygen… Hence, let’s become like oxygen for others (ie help others experience their original virtues of peace, love & happiness), then this acts as the nitrogen for us (ie their blessings boosts our state of mind up immensely!)

The planets in the solar system are millions of kilometres away from each other, yet are collectively called ‘The Solar System’… Similarly, even though souls around us may have very different sanskars & preferences, let’s accept this as one of the beauties of the drama life, and live in harmony & unity with all!

The fertile land of earth allows us to grow lots of crops, hence providing us with food… Similarly, let’s make our mind so fertile that it easily inculcates God’s knowledge within… This’ll allow us to keep sustaining & nurturing everyone around

The earth provides us with lots of fuel & minerals… Similarly, let us also remain full of useful points of knowledge, inspirational experiences, etc which benefit & make others’ lives better!

The earth has gravity which pulls everything down… Hence, let’s remain grounded always… Also, let’s detach from the consciousness of the body by considering ourselves a soul, to keep flying in the experience of our original virtues

The earth is like our workplace & the soul world our home… Hence, after getting free from work, let’s also spare some time for experiencing the powerful silence of the soul world, this recharges us fully for the activities ahead!

Today, all the elements of nature are discharged & polluted… Hence, let’s practice powerful meditation which radiates & absorbs powerful vibrations of purity to the nature around, hence helping it recharge itself once again!… Indeed, this would be the biggest tribute to Mother Earth, which has served us selflessly for thousands of years

Hence today on International Mother Earth Day, let’s inculcate the divine life-giving properties of Earth & keep nurturing everyone around us with a lot of love… And for that, first experience the divine love & sustenance that God is offering us, which automatically radiates all around, hence creating the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

The earth consists of 71% water, hence let’s also take some spiritual lessons from water!

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