Spiritual Inspirations from Giraffes

Spiritual Inspirations from Giraffes picture21st June is World Giraffe Day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from giraffes!

A tall state of mind!

Giraffes are very tall… Similarly, let’s always keep an elevated state of mind!

Zoos need to keep very tall bars to house Giraffes… Hence, let’s make our state of mind so tall, that past sanskars & external challenges can never reach upto there!

Even baby giraffes are quite tall… Hence, let’s also prioritize the elevated state of mind of our children & juniors, rather than just focusing on the activities they do… Indeed, when the state of mind is elevated, all the work they do will automatically be very good! 

The Giraffe is a very unique animal… Similarly, all of us are also very unique & special souls, none can play our part better than us… Hence, let’s never underestimate our value!

Designing a life full of virtues!

The Giraffe’s skin has a natural spotted design… But we have complete freedom to design our life the way we want… Hence, let’s fill our life with the colorful design of virtues!

The Giraffe is the favourite animal of many… Similarly, let’s become so virtuous & sweet, that we become everyone’s favorite!

To become like the Giraffe, let’s cut all the negativities within into half! (ie let’s finish all negativities!)

Spiritual Inspirations from the Neck!

Giraffes have a very long neck… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the human neck, or throat… Which contains:

  • Larynx (ie vocal chords)… Hence, let’s only speak very pure & sweet words filled with knowledge
  • Pharynx, which helps gulp down food… Hence, let’s put in only very pure positive information inside us!
  • Esophagus (a passage between the mouth & stomach)… Hence, let’s remain free from the obstruction of waste thoughts, to ensure the spiritual knowledge put in goes straight in ie gets implemented very easily!
  • Trachea, which can be punctured (ie a tracheostomy surgery) to provide an alternative path into the airways, which helps save lives… Similarly, Spirituality & the power of meditation gives us a new life, by now enabling our elevated state of mind always, in the same external challenges as before!
  • The neck acts as the vital link between the brain & heart / lungs, which is essential for sustaining life… Similarly, let’s keep a balance between the head (ie thinking of work, activities, etc) & heart (ie love for God) to remain spiritually alive… ie in the experience of our original virtues of peace love & happiness always!
  • Windpipe (a passage between the nose & lungs)… Hence, let’s make our every breath (ie every second) successful through spiritual efforts!

Giraffes are herbivorous… Hence, let’s also become a vegetarian!

Remaining in God’s elevated company!

Because of their height, Giraffes are nearer to the sky than other animals… Hence, let’s always remain nearer to God, the Highest Being!

To keep an elevated stage like the Giraffe, let’s remain in the awareness of being God’s calf! (ie child!)

Giraffes live in the Savanna terrain… Hence, let’s always remain within the terrain of God’s elevated directions!

Giraffes can run very fast… Hence, let’s race ahead in our spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Because of their height, Giraffes have a very good aerial view of the surroundings… Similarly, God says this Confluence Age (ie this current time between the end of Kaliyuga and start of Satyuga, where God Himself has descended) is the top – point from where we understand all the secrets of the Creator & His entire Creation … Hence, let’s remain seated on this top-point always, & watch each scene of this drama of life as a detached observer… To remain full of spiritual happiness, free from even a trace of sorrow!


Hence on World Giraffe Day today, let’s ensure a very tall & elevated state of mind… By remaining close to God, the Highest Being & His most elevated spiritual knowledge… Hence, our resulting sweet words & elevated dharna (ie our elevated best practices) will inspire & pull everyone towards becoming similarly elevated, hence finally bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Giraffes live in forests… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Forests & trees!

Giraffes are yellow in color, and even the sun looks yellow… Hence, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from the Sun!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from cows, turtles, birds & honeybees!

As children, we used to play with toy animals including Giraffe… Hence, let’s become a child once again!

Image Courtesy: Miroslav Duchacek (from Czech Republic) @ CC BY-SA 3.0

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