Wish you a very cool International Firefighters Day

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Today 4th May is International Firefighters Day… Hence today, let’s discuss on some spiritual aspects on firefighters!

Firefighters risk their life to protect us from fires… Hence, let’s take a moment to thank all the firefighters in the world!

Firefighters are always ever-ready to help, and can be accessed from the emergency number 101… Similarly, let us also always remain ever-ready & available for helping & serving others, in case of emotional emergencies!

Firebrigades give their services for free… Similarly, let’s keep some of our time free for helping others!

Firefighters & Firebrigades are always well-equipped with staircases, water hoses, etc… Similarly, let’s always remain full of useful points of knowledge, inspirational experiences, etc which help the transformation of others

Fire-extinguishers are very important… Similarly, let’s always keep the power of knowledge emerged with us, since spiritual knowledge is the fire-extinguisher to all problems!

#Firefighters always wear protective clothing & gloves… Similarly, let’s become so free from the fire of vices within, that we’re easily able to free others from it!

Firefighters are known for their valour & bravery… Similarly, let’s bravely face & finish our old sanskars of sorrow!

Firebrigades constantly ring the bell, to ensure the vehicles on road make way… Similarly, let’s make our words so valuable, that when we speak, people know that something important is being said! 

Firefighters are quick… Similarly, let’s become very quick in understanding & healing the problems of others

Firefighters earn lots of blessings… Similarly, let’s make our each word so sweet & every behaviour so royal, that we earn blessings at every step!

Each firefighter works in excellent co-ordination with other firefighters… Similarly, let’s live in unity & harmony with all, by always keeping in awareness their virtues & specialities!

Firefighters can’t afford to get ill… Similarly, we can’t afford to keep our mood off, since we’re instrumental in illuminating the lives of many!

God says the whole world is burning in the fire of vices & weaknesses today… Hence, let’s become those spiritual firefighters which soothe the hearts of all!

Firefighters are well-trained… Similarly, let’s keep listening to spiritual knowledge & meditate daily to always remain well-prepared for any challenges that may come, in our lives or the lives of others

Firefighters need to be fit & strong, hence they go to the gym… Similarly, to become emotionally strong, let’s visit the spiritual gymnasium (ie our nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre) for listening to God’s spiritual knowledge & to practice powerful meditation… Then, once we learn meditation at the centre, let’s keep practicing the same at home too, thereby make our home also like a spiritual centre (ie with very pure & elevated vibrations, peaceful environment, etc)

Hence, on International Firefighters Day today, let’s take the divine spiritual training from God, and become spiritual firefighters ie free everyone from the fire of vices, weaknesses, sorrow & worry… By putting them on the pure pyre of spiritual knowledge & meditation… Hence, this purification will help bring the 100% pure & divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Tomorrow, we’ll take some spiritual lessons from Fire! 

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