Wish you a successful International Day of Sports

Tomorrow 6th April is International Day of Sports… Hence, today provides an excellent opportunity to take some wonderful spiritual lessons from sports, for achieving success in life always!


Life can be a equated to a game of sports in numerous ways:

  • The aim in sports is to score maximum runs, goals, etc… Similarly, the aim in life is to keep an elevated state of mind always
  • Like there’s a referee in sports… Similarly, the law of karma is the referee in life, who always gives accurate decisions
  • Sports is played against opponents… Here, our opponents are our old sanskars of sorrow, over which we have to become victorious

This awareness (that life is a game) keeps our state of mind very light & relaxed throughout the day!

Sports is an activity full of energy & enthusiasm… Similarly, let us also remain full of energy, by going beyond waste patterns of thinking which deplete energy

Even when faced with different circumstances (ie pitch, weather conditions, ground, court, etc) & opponents, a champion player keeps focusing on & adapting his own game, hence becomes victorious always… Similarly, rather than looking at & worrying about external situations & people, we just need to focus on making ourselves strong, and we’ll remain victorious ie stable & happy in every scene of life!

Indeed, even if situations throws bouncers at us, let’s hit them for a sixer! (ie elevate our stage even further!)

In sports, selection of the right coach & support staff is crucial… Hence, let’s make God our coach, and remain in the company of pure elevated souls working on themselves… To easily achieve the best success always

Becoming the best sports-star!

Success in sports requires a lot of practice… Similarly, let’s keep practicing knowledge & meditation to become a Pro in maintaining an elevated state of mind

Sports-stars never eat oily food, in order to maintain their fitness… Similarly, we should avoid putting in any impure negative or waste information within us, to maintain our flow of pure thoughts always

In sports, there’re few sportsperson naturally talented & gifted with the required skills… But in life, everyone of us is gifted with the capacity to create good pure thoughts!

Playing sports means a full body exercise… Similarly, let’s also perform the exercise of mind (ie meditation) daily!

There’re both indoor & outdoor sports… Hence, when we excel in our inner sports (ie an elevated mind!), our outdoor sports (ie work, caring for relations, etc) automatically becomes beautiful!

Players with a powerful 1st serve in Tennis tend to win a lot of matches… Similarly, we need to practice powerful meditation at the start of day to remain successful (ie stable, happy & in the experience of our original virtues) throughout the day

Sports have rankings… Similarly, let’s become so virtuous & divine that:

  • We can give the highest ranking to ourselves in our mind!
  • We earn the highest ranking in God’s heart, by becoming very pure & illuminating the lives of everyone around

In sports, there’s the concept of a free kick / free hit, which is a bonus that can be used very effectively… Similarly, even we get a lot of free time on Sundays & holidays, hence let’s use this time for our true-long term spiritual progress also… This’ll make our entire working week very smooth, efficient & happy!

People use so much money to go & watch a match… And here, we’re able to watch the wonderful dynamics of the game of life for free!… Hence, let’s enjoy it fully ie remain happy always

Millions wish to become a sports star, but very few become… Similarly, the position we’ve reached in our professional & daily life, many are yearning for it but can’t achieve… Hence, we need to remain very fortunate & grateful for everything we’ve got

Sports is usually accompanied with a lot of name & fame, but champion players don’t get carried away with it and keep focusing on their game… Similarly, even though we may receive a lot of appreciation for our work & achievements, we shouldn’t get carried away with ego but keep focusing on improving ourselves

Sports requires discipline… Similarly, let’s remain disciplined ie regular & punctual in our practice of knowledge & meditation for achieving easy success

Even if the 1st serve goes wrong in Tennis, we’re allowed a 2nd serve without penalty… Similarly, life always gives us a 2nd chance, hence we should never give up, and keep progressing ahead with zeal & enthusiasm

Almost all sports require a ball to play… And although the ball is hit & kicked so many times, it remains as good as new… Similarly, even though challenging situations may come in our life, let’s become so strong & un-affected from within, that we retain our original happy smiling face always!

Indeed, just like a ball is light in weight, let’s also become very light from within!

Best Practices

Success in sports frequently requires managing pressure situations, and players who’re able to remain cool usually become successful… Similarly, to remain calm in adverse situations, we need to first build the practice of remaining calm in small everyday situations, then we’ll automatically remain calm in the bigger situations! (since remaining calm has now become our predominant sanskar)

Many spectators go through a whole range of emotions when watching a game of sports… Instead, we need to build the practice of watching the match in a slightly detached & un-influenced manner, then we’ll easily be able to remain calm & stable in all the situations of our life too… Thereby, enabling us to contribute positively in all aspects

The umpire in tennis (& third umpire in cricket) is always seated at a higher position to be able to see things clearly… Similarly, when our stage is elevated ie detached from small petty matters, we’re able to see things very clearly (ie the clear picture), hence enabling the right decisions for us & others around us

Most sports-stars who achieve the highest success, work with single minded devotion towards it… Similarly, if we really wish to remain happy & free from sorrow, we need to go beyond waste matters, like unnecessarily arguing with others, etc and stabilise in the experience of our original virtues

Sports-people need to have very good fitness & stamina, to keep playing even for longer durations… Similarly, to be able to face the daily challenges of life with stability, let’s build an excess capacity of good wishes & peace within us through the power of meditation… Indeed, let’s build such a huge stock of inner powers, which never gets finished however challenging the day may be!

Importance of Relations

Success in sports requires teamwork… Similarly, need to inculcate the virtue of unity for success in life

Sports-stars are watched & followed by millions of youth worldwide… Similarly, even we are the hero actors of this world drama, towards whom everyone is looking at… Hence, need to play our every part with utmost care & grace

Today, a match taking place at one place can be watched by millions worldwide, thanks to media… Similarly, even our social media activities are watched by the whole world (ie our world!), hence need to use it carefully  

Sportsmen are taught sportsmanship spirit ie accept defeat gracefully, respect opponents, etc… Similarly in life, let us accept failures & downturns gracefully, respect other businessmen in our field, etc

Moving ahead!

Even though a soul may achieve the pinnacle of success in sports, all his achievements will be left behind when the soul leaves… Similarly, rather than just making external physical progress, let’s also focus on our true long-term spiritual progress by daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation

Every sport has certain rules… Similarly:

  • The rule of life is the rule of karma ie whatever we give, so we get… Hence, let’s do our karma with utmost care & caution
  • Let’s live our life based on proper rules & regulations (ie niyam & maryaadas), which are:
    • Own-created (so we follow them with enthusiasm), and
    • Based on God’s Shrimat ie elevated directions (so they’re based on the eternal truths)

Hence, let’s make God our coach in life… And even when faced with challenging situations, let’s keep focusing on our own game ie empower our mind through spiritual knowledge & meditation… This’ll ensure we emerge victorious & successful (ie in the experience of our original virtues of peace love & happiness) in every scene of life… Thereby, also becoming an inspiration for all around, hence we’ll together bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Indeed, this day is actually called International Day of Sport for Development & Peace… Hence, by developing an elevated way of living, let’s create the living Land of Peace Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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