The Art of using Social Media

The Art of using Social Media picture30th June is World Social Media Day… Hence today, please find an important & excellent article on how to use social media in an optimum manner!… ie The Art of using Social Media! 

Any facility by itself is not good or bad, it all depends on how we use it… Ex. Atomic Energy can be used for mass destruction as well as for electrifying millions of villages… Similarly it is with social media, it all depends on how we use it!

Benefits of Social Media

Being a wonderful invention of science, Social Media has numerous benefits if used properly:

  • Enables us to connect & communicate with anyone, at any corner of the globe!
  • Allows us to serve multiple souls together at once
  • Facilitates very quick & easy communication, hence saving time
  • Is absolutely free of cost!… (except internet charges)

In addition, Social Media:

  • Video calling allows those with disabled or old bodies to see & experience their favorite places… ex the nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre!
  • Helps those unable to speak to communicate very effectively
  • Enables us to subscribe to blogs, like this one!

Dis-Advantages of Social Media

However, social media also has numerous de-merits if not used properly:

  • As is the information we put in, so are our thoughts… Hence, if we’re not careful of the quality of information going in, it can create lots of waste thoughts inside, hence affecting every aspect of our life
  • Although we actually have enough spare time, we tend to use all of it unaware in social media… Indeed, if we can check 50+ messages daily, we definitely have 15-20 minutes daily for listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation!
  • Checking too many messages (like it happens during festivals) can drain quite a lot of our energy
  • Consuming too much information finishes our creativity (ie creative thinking capacity!)
  • Frequent checking keeps breaking our concentration… Hence, never allowing us to experience full work efficiency, job satisfaction, etc

More seriously:

  • Social Media can become a dependency & addiction, ie we just can’t stay without it
  • Many use it as a distraction to escape thinking of important matters in life… Which can have serious results
  • Too much time on social media makes us extroverted, hence increasing the influence of external situations & people… Hence, then leading to the whole list of emotions of blame, expectations, hurt, anger, etc
  • Too much time outside pulls us away from looking at our thoughts, listening to spiritual knowledge, meditation, relation with God, etc… And we can live our entire life in such an outward superficial way, without ever connecting to our wonderful true divine self!

Best Practices of using Social Media

Hence, here are some wonderful best practices allowing us to use social media judiciously & effectively:

  • The best technique is… Every time we take up the mobile in hand, be absolutely clear on the purpose of doing so… And then leave the phone as soon as the purpose is finished
  • There’re numerous apps available to track amount of time we spend on social media, limit usage, etc
  • Keep a Social Media Fast (ie Upvas) once a week!… Although controlled usage is a better option!
  • Keeping a different notification tone for important contacts… This protects us from having to check every single notification immediately, which shifts the control entirely outside, hence making us vulnerable to all the above dis-advantages of social media!
  • Keeping self-made rules (& following with discipline)… Ex. I’ll only open social media once every 4 hours, unless urgent!

Once we read a particular message, it can never be deleted from the mind … Hence, just after reading the first few words, let’s delete the message immediately if the quality doesn’t seem right!… And after a few days, you’ll find that such messages no longer come towards you!

It’s best to think twice before forwarding / sharing any message, since we’ll become instrumental in creating those quality thoughts in the other soul, which is also a karmic account… Hence, let’s only forward the most elevated & beneficial messages to all, hence creating their & our immense fortune!


Hence today, let’s protect ourselves from excess usage of social media, by always keeping a clear purpose when taking the mobile in hand… This allows us to use social media productively & purposefully, hence experience all it’s benefits… Indeed, by using it for our spiritual efforts & for serving others, we can use social media to bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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Image Courtesy: Ibrahim.ID @ CC BY-SA 4.0

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