Wish you a knowledgeable World Book Day

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Tomorrow 23rd April is World Book Day. Hence today, let’s discuss on some interesting points on books!

It’s said that books are a person’s best friend… Because we can rely on them to give support, new insights, etc anytime & anywhere… Hence, let’s always keep good literature, videos, etc with us which we can rely on anytime!

Today, reading has evolved from the traditional concept of books into online blogs (like this one!) & social media… Hence today, it’s like there’s a whole buffet of different types & quality of information being served to us… Hence, let’s only choose & put in that information which is healthy for us

Hence, on World Book Day today, rather than over-loading ourselves with all the information available, let’s limit ourselves to only chosen high-quality information… This keeps our mind very silent, emerging the creativity within, helping us make a tremendous contribution to the world around through our words, actions, character & behaviour… Hence:

  • Rather than just listening to negative news in newspapers, let’s do such elevated actions in life, that we create the positive news of the world!
  • Rather than just read inspirational stories of others, novels, fictions, etc, let’s make our life so elevated that the story of our practical life inspires all!

In a way, love for books means love for knowledge… Hence today, let’s take this interest a step further by listening to & inculcating love for God’s direct spiritual knowledge which He’s sharing with us at this present time.

Indeed, God’s direct spiritual knowledge (which we call the Murli) is the most elevated source of information / knowledge available… Hence, let’s listen to it daily & get lost in supersensuous joy!

Many go to library to study… Similarly, let’s study knowledge in the very pure environment of the Centre, to ensure the knowledge very easily gets experienced & inculcated in our lives!

Books have a preface page, which introduces the contents of the book to the readers… Similarly, let our sparkling face act as the preface page, introducing everyone to a life of complete happiness always, which is possible today thanks to God’s direct spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Books have an index page, and the 1st finger on our hand is also called the index finger… Hence, let’s always point our index finger towards God… ie whenever we get appreciation or accolades from others, let’s emerge the attitude of gratitude & humbly direct the praise towards God

And definitely not point the index finger towards others (ie blame others)!

All books have a very beautiful cover picture, but few of them have the same high-quality within… Similarly, let’s not just lead our life on superficial aspects like looks & words, but become very high-quality from within, in terms of our each & every thought!

Today, many don’t like to listen or read knowledge directly… Hence instead, let’s inculcate & become such an embodiment of knowledge, that people can benefit & take easy inspirations from our life, ie let’s become like a living inspirational book!… This inspires & triggers the start of their spiritual journey too (of ensuring an elevated state of mind always!)

Indeed, let’s make our life so clean & transparent that we become like an open book!… Such that everyone can take easy inspirations from our life

One of the biggest complaints of students today is lack of concentration… Hence today, let’s realize that concentration just means when the mind & intellect is working together… Hence, the more we focus on keeping the mind peaceful, and on keeping our intellect pure, then concentration automatically becomes very natural & easy… Leading to much more results in very less time!

Indeed, the main reason why many dislike books today, is because they’re unable to concentrate… Hence, if we keep visualising what we’re reading, then it results in very easy concentration, thereby engaging us with the content, triggering our interest once again!

Hence, on World Book Day today, let’s start listening to God’s direct spiritual knowledge which He’s sharing with us at the present times, and thereby make our life most elevated once again… This’ll reflect through our face & practical life, inspiring everyone around us to make their life most elevated too, creating a wave of transformation, hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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