Wish you a very positive World Press Freedom Day

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Today 3rd May is World Press Freedom Day, or World Press Day… Hence today, let’s discuss some spiritual aspects on newspapers!

No one likes to read even last day’s newspaper… Similarly, let’s avoid thinking unnecessarily about the past!

Today, there’re many newspapers which cater only to a specific segment, e.g, financial newspapers which publish only financial news… Similarly, let’s become those which have only good & positive news to share with all!

Indeed, rather than just reading negative news in newspapers, let’s make our lives so elevated that we create the positive news of the world!

Printing presses have the speciality of making numerous exact copies of the same newspaper… Similarly, let’s become an exact copy of God, in terms of His illustrious virtues & divine duties!

Many take great pride in being well-informed about what’s happening in the world… Similarly, let’s also remain aware about what’s happening in our inner world of thoughts!

Significant souls have reported how after watching the very popular TV series ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris‘ by Sister Shivani, they recovered being on the verge of extremes like suicide, divorce, depression, etc… Hence, this shows the tremendous impact that positive media has on the mind!

Also, if just 25 minutes of positive media daily can have such wonderful results, it’s worth thinking how much impact must the negative news we put in throughout the day must be having!

Once, it was being discussed on a high-profile stage, whether media is just showing what’s happening in the world, or is it actually resulting in more negative events to occur… It came out very beautifully that the press indeed shows what’s happening in the world, but that was only occurring in a minority then, but when it’s shown to the masses repeatedly, it starts happening much more in society… Hence, we need to be careful of the quality of information we put inside us

Hence, if you simply have to read newspapers, then it’s better to just quickly skip through the headlines of important news, rather than going in the details of negative news

The information we put in at the start of the day (when the mind is absolutely fresh), has a significant influence on our thoughts throughout the day… Hence, let’s keep our newspaper for slightly later, definitely not the first thing in the morning

Many are addicted to newspapers ie they simply don’t feel comfortable in the morning unless they read something… In that case, let’s always keep some very pure, powerful & positive literature with us to read in the morning… This also helps keep our thoughts very positive & elevated the entire day!

Many have taken up this experiment (for 3 months) of reading spiritual knowledge at the start of the day, instead of newspapers… And just this one simple change of lifestyle has created a very significant change in their thoughts, hence life… Hence, let us take up this experiment too, and see the results for ourselves!

Today, social media has become the new form of media… Hence, let’s be very careful & selective about the quality of messages we read, being in full awareness of the fact that as we read, so we become!

Today is World Press Freedom Day, hence let’s also achieve freedom over our old sanskars & comfort zones which bind us down… Indeed, let’s first achieve victory over this habit of reading negative information!

Would also encourage press-publishers to keep atleast one column for positive news in their publications… Because since your newspapers are read by millions, this’ll ensure you become instrumental in creating positive thoughts in the minds of millions… Which is a huge act of seva, which’ll earn you lots of blessings, and blessings keeps our state of mind very light & elevated throughout the day, without efforts!

The ‘Peace News’ program of Peace of Mind TV (by Brahma Kumaris) is really one of the best, been awarded with a ‘Best Positive News’ award by a governmental organisation… Because by showing the positive news of the seva activities happening throughout India & the world, it inspires & motivates us too to make a meaningful contribution in others’ lives!

God’s spiritual knowledge shares us the news of the entire world in essence… ie the whole world is under the influence of 5 vices today, & hence experiencing sorrow… Then, God takes us towards the solution of keeping ourselves & the world full of true happiness… By empowering us through soul-consciousness, connecting to God, awareness of the elevated future of Satyuga we’re creating, etc… Hence, He not only inspires & makes our life valuable, but also empowers us to illuminate the lives of many!

Indeed, listening to God’s direct elevated versions in the very pure environment of the Centre every morning, really keeps us nice & charged the whole day!

Hence, on World Press Freedom Day today, let’s start reading & listening to the pure spiritual knowledge being shared directly by God, thereby make our lives so elevated that we create the positive news of the world… Indeed, let’s inculcate God’s teachings so well within us, that we become instrumental in creating the most illustrious & elevated news, of bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Printing presses require a lot of paper, and paper is made from trees… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual lessons from trees & forests!

The word news contains the word new, hence let’s inculcate newness in our every thought, word & action!

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