‘How to be happy always’ series

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‘How to be happy always’ series

Some wonderful news this new year!

After the grand success of the ‘Positive Thinking’ series, it gives me immense pleasure to launch a brand new series ‘How to be happy always’

List of Topics in our series ‘How to be happy always’


What is Happiness’ definition | Benefits of Happiness

Where is Happiness?



Food & Travel?

Past & Future?


TV, Entertainment?

Exploring True Happiness

It’s in the thoughts I create
It’s a choice

Having a good relationship with the Mind!

Experiencing Virtues

Self Respect, Gratitude, Looking at Virtues, Giving good wishes (already covered)

Art of Appreciation
The beauty of a smiling face!
Contentment, the king of all virtues!A cheerful personality!

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Anger, Guilt, Hurry, Jealousy (already covered)

Going Beyond DesiresGoing Beyond Questions

The greatest happiness!

Serving OthersRemembering the Ocean of Happiness
Purity, the mother of happiness! A life of belonging to God!


Concluding Thoughts – Always be Happy!
Meditation Commentary

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