‘What is Happiness’ definition | Benefits of Happiness

'What is Happiness' definition | Benefits of Happiness image

‘What is Happiness’ definition | Benefits of Happiness

Ask anyone ‘What do you want in life?’, the answer is peace & happiness. Even if the answer is something else, the final motive is always happiness.

Hence, this series has been specially designed for fulfill this desire of all!

‘What is Happiness’ definition

Happiness just means a very comfortable inner state of being, which is powerful enough to remain stable, irrespective of challenges outside!Hence, actually helping us become victorious over those challenges!

Happiness is not excitement… Excitement is just a temporary surge, which can’t be sustained for long… While happiness is a very comfortable long-lasting inner state of being!

Benefits of Happiness

  • Feels very comfortable inside… Hence, we remain content & cheerful
  • Everyone likes being with happy & joyous souls, hence improves relations
  • Increases enthusiasm, work efficiency, creativity & job satisfaction
  • Many studies have shown that happy souls tend to be healthier & live longer

Hence from tomorrow, we’ll explore & find out where happiness is!

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