Building Harmonious Relationships

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Tomorrow 15th May is International Day of Families… Hence today, let’s understand the secrets to maintaining & building harmonious relationships!

Building harmonious relationships

FAMILY means Father And Mother I Love You… Hence, love (ie acceptance) is most important for harmony in relationships

When we resist others, our energy of love flowing towards them gets blocked, during that time… Hence, let’s keep accepting others, which radiates powerful vibrations of love to them, thus empowering their elevated transformation!

Expectations (being the opposite of Acceptance) is the main cause of conflict… Hence, let’s go beyond expectations by always remembering that:

  • When we ourselves can’t meet up to the expectations of others always, how can they?
  • We expect on the basis of our sanskars, hence because others have different sanskars, they may find it very difficult to follow

Being children of one Supreme Father, all of us are brother souls… Hence, our family is not just restricted to the 5-6 souls we live with at home, but the whole world is our family… Hence, let’s adopt such an unlimited vision & attitude while interacting with all, to experience unity & oneness with one & all!

Relations are all about understanding the other person’s perspective… Hence, let’s always remember that:

  • They’re different, not wrong
  • Blue goggles makes us see blue, while green goggles makes us see green… Hence, they see things differently because their filter of sanskars is different, hence it’s not their fault!

Hence, when we understand others are also right according to their sanskars (ie compassion), it becomes very easy to accept them, making respect & trust natural… Hence, all the virtues required for harmony in relationships are closely inter-connected!

Hurt is one of the major reasons of disharmony… Hence, let’s go beyond hurt by always remembering that:

  • They said what they said, but hurt was our creation
  • They said only once, but how many times did I tell to myself?

Even though others may be hurt with us,

  • Let’s keep constant good wishes for them (ie not create even a single negative thought for them)… This constant smooth flow of positive energy from our side will also help heal the other side
  • If possible, ask forgiveness from them… If not physically, at least mentally

Although we’ve understood the knowledge part above, we also need power to implement… Hence, let’s keep listening to spiritual knowledge & meditate daily, to empower the soul, which automatically makes all relationships beautiful!

Indeed, only when the soul is weak, it gets easily influenced by others’ energies… Leading to irritation, anger, hurt (and the whole list e.g., expectations, control, etc) which spoil relations

Relationship with the Self

The first relationship is with the Self… And when that’s good, all our other relations automatically become very beautiful!

To build any relation, we need to give it time… Similarly, let’s give atleast 15-20 minutes daily to the mind, for silent contemplation & putting in pure knowledge

Like when a small child in cradle cries, the mother immediately goes & pacifies him… Similarly, whenever our mind creates a negative thought or emotion, let’s talk with it quickly & resolve the issue!

The mind is just like a little child… Hence, let’s take this child to it’s Supreme Father frequently (ie meditate!), which keeps it full of true happiness!

Relationship with the Supreme

When our relationship with God is strong, we keep remembering Him frequently… This keeps us filled with His divine love, hence we naturally keep sharing this love with all, leading to beautiful relations with all!

Hence, let’s enhance our relationship with the Supreme… By:

  • Listening to what He has to say… (in His direct elevated versions, which we call the Murli class)
  • Keep talking to Him about our life, schedule, appointments, interactions, etc
  • Remembering the various times He has helped us during times of need
  • etc

Indeed, let’s join all relationships with God… ie make Him our Mother, Father, Teacher, Friend, Beloved and even Son!


Hence on International Day of Families today, let’s establish a strong relationship with the Self & Supreme, which keeps us full of the experience of our original virtues of peace love & joy… Hence, this automatically flows in all our other relations, which start sparkling with the virtues of love trust & respect (ie relations become very beautiful!)… Hence, this harmony in relationships with all will bring the harmonious land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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