Wish you a very Happy Father’s Day

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Experiencing God as Supreme Father

Tomorrow, being the 3rd Sunday of June, is Happy Father’s Day in India… Hence today, let’s experience God as the Supreme Father!

God, our Supreme Father!

God is also called Godfather… Hence, the relation of child & father is the most accurate relationship between the Soul & Supreme Soul!

Hence we effectively have 2 fathers, our dear Dad & our Supreme Father… Hence, let’s earn the blessings of both!

And this is one wonderful Father, with whom we can join all relations!… ie Mother, Teacher, Friend, Beloved, and even make Him our Child!

The gifts from our Supreme Father!

The father has a lot of love for the child…. Similarly, God being the Ocean of Love, He can’t create even a single negative thought for us!

The father earns money for the child… Similarly, God gives us knowledge, which is the source of spiritual income!

The father gives inheritance to the child… Hence God being the Ocean of Peace & Love, gives us the inheritance of 100% peace & love, which we can experience anytime by remembering Him!… And this experience & inculcation then leads to the divine inheritance of Satyuga!

The father always has the most elevated wishes for the child… Similarly, God gives so many blessings daily! (ie Vardans!)

The father is a strong source of support for the child, whenever needed… Similarly, God’s virtues & powers are always with us, acting as the backbone for our continued progress always!

The father provides protection to the child… Similarly, God provides us such elevated knowledge & directions, that we remain protected always… From both past sanskars, as well as the influence of external challenges!

The father is always available for the child, even if otherwise he may be very busy… Similarly, God says I’m free for you 24×7… Hence, give all your burdens to me & become very light!

The father is always available to help the child, with all His powers… Similarly, let’s use God’s help rather than trying to solve all problems on our own!

The father brings toys for the child… Similarly, God gives us the toys of serving & benefitting others!

Our role, as Godly child!

The child of a minister or celebrity feels so proud about it… Similarly, we’re children of the Highest Almighty Authority God, hence let’s remain full of spiritual intoxication & happiness!

The father takes up a lot of responsibilities for the child… Similarly, God’s fulfilling His responsibilities towards us in the most perfect manner… It’s now upto us, to use His elevated teachings & divine powers, to create a most illustrious & elevated life for ourselves!

Indeed, just like the Father has the best wishes for the child but can’t give exams on his behalf… Similarly, it’s our role to do the right karma & create the most elevated destiny!

The child feels protected in the presence of the Father… Similarly, let’s always remain in the protective canopy of God’s love!

The father is a source of motivation for the child… Similarly, let’s keep getting motivated by God’s elevated tasks!

The father always wants to see his child successful like himself, God too… Hence, let’s always Follow Father & become equal to Him!

Many children take up the same business of their father…. Similarly, let’s also take up God’s task of transforming Kaliyuga into Satyuga… By serving & benefitting everyone around us!

The child fulfills the dreams & aspirations of the Father… Hence, let’s also fulfill God’s wish of wanting to see us as 100% pure & divine deities!

Meditation Commentary

Would request you to go through the commentary slowly & gradually… Trying to experience each word:

Taking a few deep breaths, I relax my body… And come to the awareness ‘I’m a Peaceful Soul’… Peace is my original nature… I’m full of peace…

On Father’s Day today. I remember my Supreme Father God… He’s always with me… With all His virtues & powers… & loving canopy of protection… Making me absolutely light & relaxed…

Everything will be good, because God is with me… I’m free from all worries… Success is my birthright… Victory is certain… I’m a 100% powerful & peaceful soul… Om Shanti!


Hence on Happy Father’s Day today, let’s become a child once again, and remember God as our Supreme Father… Indeed, let’s always remain in His loving canopy of protection, free from all worries & tension… This’ll automatically make our actions & interactions very elevated, hence creating the illustrious destiny of the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

We’re God’s children… Hence, you might also like to read my message on Children’s Day!

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