Becoming a child once again | Happy Children’s Day Speech

Becoming a child once again | Happy Children's Day Speech imageBecoming a child once again | Happy Children’s Day Speech 

Today, 14th November is Children’s Day. Hence, wish all of you children of God a very Happy Children’s Day!

Many of us grown-ups express the desire to become a child once again. The great news is that we can easily become so, since being a child is more about experiencing the qualities of a child rather than physical age. Hence, we just need to inculcate the same qualities as a child, to experience being a child once again!


A child has numerous wonderful qualities:
  • Most children are very pure, innocent, soul-conscious hence even unknown children attract us
  • They’re so pure & innocent they don’t even know what anger, hurt, etc is
  • It’s said a child smiles 200 times a day
  • They enjoy even little things in life like nature, birds, water movements, etc
  • Even on having a fight with other children, they very quickly forgive & forget, and start playing together once again
  • A child has no fear, even if you throw them above, they will keep enjoying in the full faith you’ll catch them
  • A child is always open to learn new things


When we consider ourselves a child (baccha बच्चा), we remain protected (bache rahenge बचे रहेंगे) from numerous matters.


All of us souls are children of the Supreme. Hence, let’s remain in the awareness of this elevated self-respect point ‘I am God’s child’ the whole day today. This has numerous benefits:
  • As are the Parent’s qualities, so are the child’s. Hence being child of the Ocean of Peace Love & Happiness, we’ll remember we’re also originally a very pure divine peaceful loving happy soul
  • Many times, as is the Parents’ occupation, so is that of child. Hence, being children of the World Benefactor, we’re also inspired to keep serving all in numerous ways; sharing smiles, sweet words, good wishes, help & co-operation, caring sharing & inspiring
  • The child has a right over everything the Parent has, hence everything that God has automatically belongs to us i.e., all His knowledge virtues & powers… Hence, rather than asking, we just need to take everything by connecting to Him
  • A child has no worries about school fees, etc… Similarly, in the loving canopy of God, we remain free from all worries
  • A child naturally remembers his parents without efforts… Hence, this awareness of being God’s child helps us remain in God’s sweet loving remembrance always
  • Even a child of minister, celebrity, etc has a lot of pride in being so. Hence, being children of the Highest, we should experience the highest level of happiness always
  • He gives us imperishable jewels of knowledge to play with, churning which we experience supersensuous joy
  • We remain free from ego since we remember all our specialities are a gift from God
  • A good child is always obedient, hence we’ll follow God’s elevated directions which makes our life most elevated
  • Being royal children, we don’t get dirty in the dirt of impure practices, body-consciousness, etc
  • We remember everyone else are also children of God, hence emerging a natural sense of unity (since we’re all brother souls) & also making our words & behaviour with others very royal
  • Even family & relatives are children of God. Hence we don’t need to get heavy with the burden of responsibilities, but just need to take care by remaining like a trustee, very light in the faith that He’s the one who takes care!… Hence, actually making us better & effortlessly fulfill our responsibilities
  • This awareness of being God’s child doesn’t allow us to experience ageing / old age
  • Let’s make our state of mind & character so elevated that our Supreme Father’s name is illuminated… Hence, let everyone remember God by looking at us i.e., जिसकी रचना इतनी सुन्दर है वो कितना सुंदर होगा, If the creation is so beautiful, how beautiful will the Creator be!

Conclusion (Happy Children’s Day Speech

Hence, by remaining in the awareness of being a child of God, let’s remain connected to the Supreme Parent hence in the experience of our rightful inheritance of peace love & happiness always, hence also automatically sharing these with all. In this way, we’ll start coming closer & closer to God, hence eventually getting transformed completely from humans to deities, hence also transforming the world outside from Kaliyuga to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from chocolate, ice-cream, music, playing & skating!

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