Spiritual Inspirations from Music (World Music Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Music (World Music Day)Wish you a melodious World Music Day

Tomorrow 21st June is World Music Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from music!

The music of virtues!

Those who play music are called musical artists… Hence, let’s become a spiritual artist, & paint our life with the colors of divine virtues!

Music is a profession today… Similarly, let’s become a professional in inculcating divine virtues!

Although the piano looks plain black-and-white in color, it creates very rich music… Similarly, even while leading a simple life, let’s spread powerful vibrations of virtues all around… ie Let’s adopt the concept of ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’!

Music is loved by many… Similarly, let’s become so virtuous that everyone likes us!

Music is melodious… Similarly, let’s make our words very sweet & melodious!

Digital music is stored in MP3 format, which provides an excellent balance between size & quality (ie it provides a very good quality while keeping the size low)… Here, let’s compress (ie reduce) our words to increase their quality!

Music has many different genres e.x., rock, pop, classical, instrumental, jazz, etc… Similarly, there are numerous virtues we can inculcate:

  • Peace, Patience, Calmness, Coolness
  • Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Gratitude, Appreciation
  • Love, Acceptance, Respect, Trust, Compassion
  • Power, Determination, Courage, Strength, Resilience
  • Purity, Honesty, Cleanliness, Transparency
  • and many more!

Building harmonious relationships!

The word harmonium is based on the word harmony… Hence, let’s live in harmony with all!

The players of musical instruments require perfect co-ordination with each other… Hence, let’s also become very flexible & adjust with everyone’s sanskars!

Although the tones of music (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, etc) are different, they result in beautiful music when played together… Similarly, even though everyone around may be different, let’s live in harmony & unity with all, to enjoy a melodious life always

Similarly, even though the musical instruments are different, they sound beautiful when played together… Similarly, even while being with souls of different age, gender, language, etc, let’s keep serving & learning from all, by considering them & ourselves a soul!

Playing too loud music can disturb others… Hence, let’s avoid earning negative vibrations from others in this way!

Best Practices

The flute is basically a piece of wood with holes in it… Hence, even if challenging situations come (ie holes come in our way), let’s consider they’ve come to make us strong (ie to make our life more virtuous & musical!)

The guitar consists of tight strings, which create musical notes when moved… Hence, let’s become so free from waste thoughts within, that we always respond in a virtuous manner when moved ie in all events & circumstances!

Music composing is a creative activity… Similarly, let’s introduce creativity in our every thought, word & action… In particular, let’s shift from reacting in an automated manner to responding in a proactive manner, i.e., responding in a manner which is full of peace & love!

Music has the power to captivate the mind… Hence, if we listen to music with impure lyrics, they go straight in, hence then strongly influencing our thoughts… Hence, let’s only listen to music with very elevated lyrics, which create only the purest thoughts within us!

Indeed, the Brahma Kumaris today have created 3000+ songs with the most elevated & divine lyrics… And many of them are meditation songs, hence let’s keep listening to them, to remain lost in God’s love!

Even the best musicians practice daily… Hence, discipline is needed for success in every field of life, including our spiritual aim of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!… Hence, let’s listen to spiritual knowledge & meditate daily with discipline!

Music is played using musical instruments… Similarly, let’s remain in the awareness of being God’s instrument, to remain very light & happy throughout the day!

The flute sounds beautiful because it’s hollow from within… Similarly, let’s become so clean & plain from within, that God can use us in the most beautiful ways!

Live performances on stage are liked by many… Similarly, let’s always remain in the awareness of being on stage… ie in the awareness that we’re hero actors of this world drama & everyone is looking at us, so that we perform the best part always!

Listening to spiritual knowledge! 

The veena (or sitar) is shown in the hands of Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge… Hence taking her illustrious example, let’s also listen & churn spiritual knowledge daily, to become like her! Let’s share knowledge with all in a very simple, sweet & melodious manner!

Today, music can be played in mobiles, MP3 players, PC, TV, etc… Similarly, listening to spiritual knowledge is also very easy today thanks to Internet, since we can listen to eminent experienced souls with just the touch of a button… Hence, let’s make the most of this opportunity & keep listening to pure positive knowledge daily!

Many keep a large music collection… Similarly, let’s become so full of the various points of spiritual knowledge, that we remain stable & happy under all circumstances!

Music talents can even catch the underlying musical notes of songs being played… Similarly with practice, let’s become such masters in maintaining an elevated state of mind always, that we’re able to catch & resolve our thoughts even before they start going in a waste or negative direction!

Remembering the eternal musician, God!

Many devote their entire life to music… Hence, let’s devote atleast some time for remembering God!

Singing is always accompanied by music… Hence:

  • Let’s keep singing the song of our illustrious fortune… To remain in supersensuous joy always!
  • Let’s keep singing God’s praises… To remain lost in God’s love!

Many are fans of music & music artists… Similarly, let’s become fans of God!

Many forget the world while listening to music… Similarly, let’s forget all unpleasant memories of the past, by remaining lost in God’s love!

Music only feels good till the time we listen, but meditation keeps our stage very light & elevated for long periods… Hence, alongwith temporary pleasure, let’s also fill ourselves with true happiness through meditation!

Scriptures show Lord Krishna playing the flute & captivating the Gops & Gopis… This actually denotes God speaking His direct elevated versions (which we call the Murli), & filling us with supersensuous joy!

Music sounds much better in headphones… Similarly, spiritual knowledge is best studied in the very pure environment of the Centre!


Hence on World Music Day today, let’s become a spiritual musician… ie Let’s listen to the lyrics of spiritual knowledge, inculcate the music of virtues within, sing praises of God & our illustrious fortune, and keep dancing in supersensensous joy & happiness… Hence, this constant celebration within will bring the divine ever-happy land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Dance is always done in rhythm to music… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Dance!

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