Letting go of the Past

Letting go of the Past pictureLetting go of the Past

Sometimes, memories of the past pull our happiness down. Hence, it’s important to protect ourselves from influence of the past.

This becomes very easy, by creating thoughts like:

  • The past has passed, it won’t come again, it’s finished
  • It was my past karmic account which is now over, hence clearing the way to my illustrious future!
  • I’m a powerful soul, I have the power to chose whether to allow the past to influence me or not
  • Past is called Bhoot Kaal in Hindi, hence remembering the past is like remembering ghosts!
  • I’ve learnt from the past, now it’s time to move on
  • The past is not in my control
  • Thinking of the past spoils my present, preventing from taking advantage of golden opportunities presently available

Also, having good experiences in meditation is another powerful technique of merging unpleasant memories of the past..

Hence as is said, the past is history but the present is a gift. Thus, let’s put a full stop to the past, & create good thoughts & feelings in the present, to enjoy a most illustrious present & future!

Best of luck!

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