Happy New Year Wishes & Greetings

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Happy New Year Wishes & Greetings

It’s the first day of the year. Hence, wish you a very very Happy New Year!

Today, we’ll wish everyone a happy new year, celebrate, exchange gifts, etc & remain very happy. Hence, this time, let’s ensure this happiness & enthusiasm not only lasts for 1 day, but lasts throughout our year… Thus, like we wish & celebrate today, let’s continue doing the same throughout the year i.e., :

  • Keep wishing everyone i.e., sharing good news & congratulating others for even small steps of progress, everytime we meet
  • Keep singing praises of God, our illustrious fortune, etc hence dancing in happiness & supersensuous joy always
  • Give everyone the gift of good wishes, pure feelings & elevated blessings… This is a subtle but very powerful form of supporting & empowering others, hence simply the best gift that can be given to someone

Indeed, rather than just purchasing new things, let’s inculcate newness in our every thought & feeling… This shifts our consciousness to a higher level, hence ensuring that although our external schedule & routine remains the same, our experiences & feelings remain very new & happy everyday i.e., a much improved inner quality of life

Alongwith just changing the date, let’s also change our state (of mind!), by shifting from blame to personal responsibility, expectations to acceptance, criticism to appreciation, control to positive influence, conflict to harmony, competition to co-operation… Hence, this’ll ensure our next year truly becomes new & happy!

The new year is actually a Confluence of the old & new. Hence today, we’ll bid farewell (vidaai) to the old year & joyously welcome & share congratulations (badhaai) for the new year… Hence alongwith, let’s also say goodbye to:

  • All unwanted memories of the past by resolving, forgiving & forgetting
  • All past failures, by starting afresh with new motivation
  • All the burden of the past, by handing over the burden to God

This’ll ensure our year truly starts on a new, very positive note.

Looking at the year gone by, let’s emerge the attitude of gratitude, and:

  • Thank God, for all the skills & talents He has given, and His subtle support, co-operation & blessings always
  • Thank every soul, who’ve helped make our life smooth & special
  • Thank the body, for being there for us always
  • Thank the mind for working for us 24×7, fulfilling responsibilities, working, caring for relations, etc… And resolve to give the mind (which is like a little child) what it truly & originally likes i.e., true permanent attainments from pure spiritual knowledge & meditation (i.e., connecting to the Supreme Father, God)

This is the best time to check our position & progress so far, as compared to last year… Hence, in the next year, alongwith making material progress, let’s also aim to make ourselves emotionally & spiritually more stronger…. This becomes very natural when we aim to listen to pure spiritual knowledge for at least 15 minutes daily… And when we’re empowered inside, every aspect of our life outside becomes much easy & happier, the way life was meant to be!

Purity is the mother of peace & happiness. Hence, to make our new year truly happy, let us inculcate purity in our every thought, word & action i.e.

  • See everyone as pure divine souls, and see their virtues & specialities
  • Remember that everyone are children of One Supreme Father, hence experience true unity
  • Put in only pure, positive & powerful information which empowers the mind
  • Speak only pure, sweet, divine words filled with knowledge
  • Perform actions which act as an example for others, and keep benefitting others through our every act

This new year, let’s make God our true friend & companion. This awareness that ‘God is with me’ ensures:

  • We never feel lonely or bored, since we keep remembering His knowledge-full talks, experience His soothing presence, reflect on the wonderful experiences with Him, etc
  • We keep churning His imperishable jewels of spiritual knowledge, hence experience great happiness
  • We stay free from fear, since the all-powerful God is with us
  • We remain in His elevated company, hence connected to a much higher frequency, free from negative influence & in soul-consciousness (& in the experience of our original virtues of peace, love & happiness), hence enabling us to contribute more positively & productively to the world

Conclusion (Happy New Year Wishes & Greetings)

Hence, this new year, let’s make our thoughts so new (& pure & divine), that we end up bringing the new world Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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