Happy Republic Day Wishes | India Republic Day speech in English | 26 January speech

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Happy Republic Day Wishes | India Republic Day speech in English | 26 January speech

Today 26th January is The Republic Day of India. Hence, wish you a very very Happy Republic Day!

26th January 1950 was a historic day when India adopted it’s own self-created Constitution… Hence today, let’s adopt a new way of living, where we’re aware every thought is our independent creation, and I’ve the power & choice whether to allow external situations & people to influence me or not… This ensures we’re fully in control, hence allowing us to:

  • Excel in our aims in life
  • Maintain harmonious relationships with all
  • Maintain a 100% healthy & happy state of mind
  • Radiate positive vibrations to the body, hence keep it as healthy as possible

The Constitution just means the recommended code of conduct, rules, etc for living in the nation… Hence today, let’s also create & choose beneficial codes of conduct for ourselves… For example,

  • I’ll listen to spiritual knowledge & meditate for at least 15-20 minutes daily
  • I’ll attend spiritual programs regularly, will visit the Centre to benefit from it’s pure elevated vibrations
  • I’ll only look at the virtues & specialities of everyone around, will speak sweetly with all
  • I’ll not put in any negative, impure or waste information through my eyes or ears
  • I’ll limit the amount of time on social media

These little disciplines in life help a lot in empowering us & saving our energy, hence helping make every aspect of our life very smooth, beautiful & harmonious.

The Indian Constitution is said to be ‘For the People & By the People’… Similarly, when we adopt the above best practices based on God’s elevated directions, we become ‘For the People’… i.e., even while doing our routine activities, we automatically keep serving & inspiring others, our life becomes a sample & example for all!

As we all know, the greatness of Bharat is immense:

  • Bharat is called the Vishwa Guru i.e., Guru of the whole world… Towards whom everyone looks at for Spirituality, knowledge of our true self, connecting to God, etc
  • Bharat is the imperishable land where God Himself descends
  • Bharat was the only land in Satyuga / Tretayuga, where 100% pure divine deities lived on this planet (that’s why here, there’s the praise of 33 crore devi-devtas because that was the population at the end of Tretayuga)… Indeed, Bharat was so prosperous at this time it’s still referred as the Golden Sparrow

Hence, let’s make a strong determination today to once again make Bharat so elevated, this’ll be the best tribute to the thousands of soldiers who’ve sacrificed their lives for our nation.

The Indian Tricolour 🇮🇳 continues to inspire us always:

  • The color Saffron at the top denotes sacrifice, hence let’s sacrifice all our weaknesses & negativities in God’s love
  • This automatically emerges our original virtues of purity & peace (denoted by the color white), hence making our life very elevated (denoted by the dharmachakra Ashoka Chakra)
  • And when our life becomes elevated, we automatically become instrumental in illuminating the lives of everyone around (i.e., our whole country & planet, denoted by the color green)

Indeed, just like the flag is unfurled high on the pole, this’ll ensure our state of mind also remains very high (i.e., powerfully stable & happy) always!

Today is the day of Patriotism i.e., of respecting & contributing to the nation… Hence today, let’s extend our patriotism to the whole world 🌍 i.e., alongwith respecting & praising our own nation, let’s also appreciate the good things of all the other nations of the world… Let’s realize that, being child of One Supreme Father, we’re all One, we together create the vibrations of the world, and we’ll together make a new better world once again!

India has one of the largest armies in the world, yet has the distinction of never initiating an attack against any other nation… Similarly, along with physical non-violence, let’s also inculcate non-violence in our thoughts & feelings i.e., let’s strive not to create a single negative thought for anyone under any circumstances.

Conclusion (Happy Republic Day Wishes | Republic Day speech in English)

Hence today, let’s become a ruler over the self, and start living our life based on God’s elevated recommendations & directions, hence making our life very elevated, pure & divine… Thereby, also making a powerful influence on the entire surroundings around, helping make our home, neighbourhood, country & the whole world, once again into the Golden Sparrow, the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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