International Day of Non Violence

International Day of Non Violence imageInternational Day of Non Violence

Today 2nd October is Gandhi Jayanti, celebrated as the International Day of Non Violence. We usually understand this word only in a physical way, but there are many subtle aspects of non violence.

Every negative thought we create radiates towards whom it was created, also affecting our emotional & physical health and the environment around. Hence, even creating negative thoughts is a subtle form of violence.


Hence, today on this International Day of Non Violence, let’s pledge to try our best not to create negative thoughts for others. It’s entirely for our benefit, since it allows us to maintain an elevated state of mind, free from distractions, hence allowing us to excel in our goals / aims in life. It’s possible to stop thinking negative by:
  • Always seeing the specialities, original virtues, and the help & support others have always given to us in the past
  • Donating the gift of good wishes to everyone we come into contact with, ie creating thoughts like:
    • May they be benefitted
    • May they achieve success in their life
    • May they remain full of the experience of original virtues, free from any sorrow
    • etc
  • Practising meditation which increases soul power, hence making it natural to understand, accept & let go
  • Even if someone behaves differently, remember they’re souls on a long journey, hence have had different experiences & sanskars, it’s not their fault, etc
  • Even if someone cheats us, we understand it’s a return of past karma. Hence, although it’s absolutely fine to take full legal action, we don’t create wrong thoughts or use unethical means


This virtue of always creating pure thoughts will allow us too to become a great soul (Mahatma)


And since we don’t create violence at thought-level itself, there’s absolutely no question of violence arising in our words or actions.


Our freedom fighters always desired freedom, and we now understand that true freedom is actually being free from the negativities inside, regaining full control over ourself, hence being in the experience of our original virtues of peace & happiness always. This is possible by:
  • Going beyond blame and taking full responsibility for our state of mind
  • Silencing the mind through the power of meditation, and giving a positive direction to our thoughts through knowledge
  • Using self-discipline to avoid wrong thinking patterns


Since every thought creates vibrations which radiate around, every thought we create forms part of the collective consciousness of the world. Hence, just creating negative thoughts also affects the collective consciousness, and may result in weak souls getting influenced by this overall energy and creating violent actions in the world… Hence, even just keeping our thoughts very pure, divine & powerful subtly but surely helps in creating a peaceful, violence-free world.

Conclusion (International Day of Non Violence) 

Gandhiji always wished to make India into Ram Rajya again… Hence, through the purity within, let’s once again create the pure world outside. Indeed, one of the praises of souls in Satyuga is they’re double non violent ie free from physical as well as thought-level violence. Hence, keeping our thoughts pure is one of the best contributions we can make to bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!


Om Shanti!


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