Being Co-operative – International Cooperative Day

Being Cooperative - International Cooperative Day pictureThe 1st Saturday of July is International Cooperative Day. Hence today, let’s explore some wonderful points on the virtue of being co-operative!

Importance of being Co-operative

We’re able to enjoy life, only because of the collective efforts of:

  • Hands & Mouth (which put in food)
  • Digestive system (which digests the food ie extracts it’s nutrients); and
  • Blood & Heart (which pumps these nutrients throughout the body)

Hence, even if one of the organs stops co-operating, life comes to a standstill!

There’re numerous other examples of the virtue of co-operation in front of us:

  • Making a modak (or laddu)… Requires the co-operation of all 5 fingers to make
  • Growing food… Requires the co-operation of farmers, scientists (for quality seeds) as well as fertile land & adequate rainfall
  • Building a house or office… Requires the co-operation of finance, builders as well as laborers

No company or organization can be run by just one person, which requires the collective efforts of many!

Even the society requires all groups of people to flourish… Hence, we require doctors (for health) & army (for security), as well as businessmen (for goods & services) & scientists (for making life comfortable), as well as laborers & domestic help!

Hence, co-operation is a great virtue of the soul… However, need to be careful not to co-operate in any wrongdoings!

How to become Co-operative

Co-operation requires very good relations… Hence first, let’s learn how to build harmonious relationships with all!

The primary quality of love leads to the secondary virtue of co-operation… Hence, let’s fill ourselves with true love, by:

  • Remembering ‘I’m a Loveful soul’
  • Connecting to the Ocean of Love, God
  • Remembering how we were so loving & co-operative in Satyuga!

Co-operation is natural when there’s true care & concern… Hence, let’s always remain keen to heal the sorrows of others, to become full of true happiness ourselves!

Co-operation is based on the virtue of unity… Hence, let’s keep seeing the virtues & specialities of all, to experience a very natural unity & oneness with all!

Benefits of being Co-operative 

Co-operation leads to excellent co-ordination & teamwork!

Remembering the co-operation given to us by others, keeps us very egoless!

Alongwith inculcation of divine virtues through spiritual knowledge & meditation, another most important subject is serving others… And while this might seem for others’ benefit, the greatest benefit it gives is to the self… Because:

  • All forms of service builds our stock of elevated karma, & earns us lots of blessings!… Hence, making our time spent successful
  • Giving good wishes & blessings makes our feelings & state of mind very elevated
  • Sharing knowledge makes our understanding more refined, increases our determination & subsequent attention

Hence, God says seva (ie serving others) is a lift of fortune, since it boosts our stage immensely!

Being co-operative with God!

Hence, now that God Himself has descended, let’s give co-operation (Sah-yog) to God’s tasks, to make our connection (Yog) with Him very natural!

And God says I just require the support of your purity, the support of your transformation through daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation… Hence, it’s really amazing to see that while we used to ask for co-operation from God before, now God at the present times is asking for our co-operation… Hence, let’s definitely give our small act of co-operation to Him!

Scriptures mention a story of how the entire Govardhan Mountain was lifted by the villagers each providing one finger of co-operation… This denotes how the small acts of co-operations provided by each one of us ends up lifting the entire mountain of Kaliyuga, and brings Satyuga once again!… Hence, let’s give co-operation to God’s tasks to bring the divine land Satyuga once again!


Hence on International Cooperative Day today, let’s give co-operation to God, by remaining combined with Him & His spiritual knowledge… This keeps us full of His spiritual energy, hence automatically emerging all the divine virtues within including co-operation… Hence, we also keep spiritually serving & being co-operative with others, hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the virtues of peace & happiness!

The word co-operation contains the word operation… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from doctors!

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