Spiritual Inspirations from Doctors (National Doctors Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Doctors (National Doctors Day) picture1st July is National Doctors Day in India… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from doctors & the medical profession!

Doctors play an invaluable role in helping heal the society… Hence, let’s take a moment now to thank all the doctors in the world!

Keeping an elevated state of mind!


Today, there’re many specialist & super-specialist doctors… Similarly, let’s become a specialist in maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Doctors say more than 90% of the diseases are psychosomatic ie because the influence of the mind on the body… Hence, it’s high time we realize this fact, and start empowering the mind to remain healthy!

It’s said laughter is the best medicine… Hence, let’s aim to remain happy always, to radiate those comforting vibrations to the body, hence keep it healthier!

Indeed, let’s remain patient (ie calm & peaceful) to avoid becoming a patient! (is diseased!)

Doctors need to manage many emergency situations, hence remain ever-ready for the same… Similarly, let’s keep such an elevated state of mind always, that we remain prepared to face any challenges that may come, with the highest levels of stability & peace!

How to maintain an elevated stage?

Hospital beds can be elevated with a touch of a button… Similarly, let’s press the button of pure thoughts, to elevate our state of mind!

Improper diet is a major causes of disease… Hence since information is the food for the mind, let’s only feed the purest information to the mind, to ensure it thinks nice & healthy always!

The stethoscope is used to check whether breathing is normal… Indeed, ICUs constantly track vital readings like pulse rate, oxygen level, etc… Similarly, let’s keep checking our thoughts & feelings, to ensure they’re healthy ie pure & positive!

Homeopathy medicines are required to be taken frequently ie several times a day… Similarly, let’s practice powerful 1-minute meditations every couple of hours, to remain very light & full of energy the whole day!

Doctors wear gloves & masks to protect from infection of patients… Similarly, let’s fill ourselves with the power of meditation before coming into interaction with others, to remain protected thereby able to make a positive influence all around!

Serving All!

Doctors are highly respected in society… Similarly, let’s become so virtuous, that we earn true respect from everyone’s hearts!

Doctors earn a lot of blessings from patients… Similarly, let’s also earn lots of blessings from everyone around us… Through our selfless care, co-operative attitude, and power of good wishes & blessings!

There’s a lot of demand for Doctors in society… Similarly in today’s times of stress & sorrow, the world is in need of angel-like souls to help heal their wounds & show the path to true happiness… Hence, let’s become those ever-happy divine angels which soothe the hearts of all, through our elevated vibrations, pure wishes, sweet words & royal behavior!

Hospital rooms are kept very clean & hygienic, using antiseptic liquids frequently… Similarly, let’s practice powerful meditation at our homes & workplaces, to keep it’s environment very pure & harmonious always!

Anaesthesia is given to patients before operating them… Similarly, before giving advice or recommendations to others, let’s first greatly enhance & lift up their self-respect by highlighting their specialities!

God, the Supreme Surgeon!

God is the Supreme Surgeon, who:

  • Heals all the diseases of vices & weaknesses within the soul
  • Using the medicine of spiritual knowledge & injection of meditation
  • Is the Perfect Being, hence can never make any mistake!

Paracetamol (the most commonly prescribed medicine) is an all-rounder ie can be used to treat headache, fever & also acts as a pain-killer… Similarly, God gives us this single most powerful medicine of meditation ie soul-consciousness & connecting to God… The practice of which finishes every single vice & weakness within the soul!

Doctors have full knowledge of the human body… Similarly, God gives us full knowledge of the soul!… In essence:

  • We’re souls ie energies using this body… The energy which thinks, feels & decides!
  • The soul is a tiny point of light, situated in the centre of the forehead
  • Has 7 original virtues (Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness, Bliss, Powers & Knowledge)

Doctors are called next to God… Hence, let’s always aim to follow the Supreme Father and become equal to Him, in terms of His divine virtues & elevated duties!

It’s easier for the child of a doctor to become a doctor too… Similarly, since our Father God Himself is the Supreme Surgeon, let’s also become a spiritual doctor & emotionally heal everyone around!

Doctors usually have lots & lots of patients in the OPD (Out Patient Department)… Similarly, God says many many souls will come to you in the future for experiencing your elevated vibrations… Hence, let’s start preparing ourselves for this most divine act of charity!

Making everything easy with Spirituality!

Doctors have a range of antibiotics available to kill every specific type of bacteria… Similarly, let’s remain full of a range of points of spiritual knowledge, to overcome every single emotion that may arise!

Some doctors carry out a lot of research activities… Similarly, let’s keep researching (ie experimenting) with each point of spiritual knowledge, to get new beautiful experiences every single day!

The environment of the OT (Operation Theatre) is kept very silent & serene, and no one is allowed to enter it… Similarly, let’s spare atleast some time on Sundays for solitude, contemplation & putting in spiritual knowledge… To greatly enhance the quality of our coming week!

Studying to become a doctor is very expensive… But here, God gives us His direct spiritual knowledge absolutely free of cost, which keeps us free from sorrow & full of happiness for births… Hence, we should definitely keep progressing full speed with the highest determination in this most divine & elevated spiritual study!

Very critical patients are put on ventilator… Similarly, even the world is on ventilator today ie it’s going to transform from Kaliyuga to Satyuga very soon… Hence, let’s quickly start studying spiritual knowledge & meditation, to prepare ourselves to become deities of Satyuga once again!

Doctors work in hospitals… Similarly, let’s also visit the hospital-cum-university ie our nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre to study spiritual knowledge daily, and heal all diseases of the mind!

A medical student has full confidence that on passing the exam, he’ll become a doctor… Similarly, while studying this spiritual knowledge, let’s have full faith on the aim objective of becoming from humans to deities! 

Self-medication can be harmful… Similarly, to get the full benefits of meditation, let’s formally learn it at the Centre,.. Trying to practice without learning, doesn’t give much benefits, hence we might then end up leaving this wonderful art of meditation & it’s immense benefits in life!


Hence on National Doctors Day today, let’s connect to the Supreme Surgeon God & fill ourselves with the power of His spiritual knowledge & meditation… This very easily empowers our elevated state of mind throughout the day, hence allowing us to keep serving & benefitting everyone around us, earning us lots of blessings… Hence, this self-progress & benefitting others will become instrumental in bringing the divine ever-healthy land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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