Wish you a Happy National Science Day

Today 28th February is National Science Day in India. Hence today, let’s discuss on some interesting aspects related to Science & Spirituality!


Every great invention of science is a wonder of the human mind… Hence, let’s aim to keep our mind stable & happy always to also create miracles in our life


Indeed, it’s only the power of silence that gives birth to science… ie only when the mind is still & calm within, do new ideas & inventions arise in the mind… Hence, science & spirituality don’t conflict but in fact complement each other


Indeed, Spirituality is also a science, a non-physical science dealing with aspects like our consciousness, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, perceptions, etc… And like Science performs experiments designed to improve quality of life, Spirituality also involves performing experiments in the laboratory of life for enhancing our emotional standard of living.


Today, Science has made our lives easy & comfortable in numerous ways… However being physical, it can only give us physical comfort and not solve our emotional issues of anger, hurt, etc… Hence similarly, let’s also experience the power of silence which makes our life emotionally much more easy & comfortable.


The great scientist Albert Einstein said that “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it”… Hence, rather than remaining engrossed & upset in small daily issues, let’s elevate ourselves to soul consciousness (ie in the experience of our original virtues of peace love happiness), which automatically starts resolving all our issues & problems, because:
  • Such an elevated state of mind also radiates those elevated vibrations to the body, keeping it healthier
  • When we’re stable & content inside, it increases our focus / concentration outside, leading to increased work efficiency, creativity & job satisfaction
  • Protects us from outside negative influence, improving relations
  • When we consider ourselves a soul, we automatically remember the Supreme Soul, hence start becoming full of His divine energy


Science is only an instrument, the usage of which depends on us… Hence, for example, atomic energy can be used for productive purposes like electrifying millions of villages or even for causing mass destruction… Hence let’s keep our stage elevated always so we use this wonderful gift of science in the right, productive & beneficial noble ways always.


Science is a creation of the human mind, hence we’re the Creator and science is our creation… Hence, we should never become dependent / addicted to our own creation ie not to make our state of mind dependent on gadgets, TV, etc but use them as a Master to further our spiritual progress.


An experiment was performed in 2015, where a person in France was asked to create a thought “Hello” for a person in India, and scientists observed the same identical brain wave patterns in both, leading to the conclusion that thoughts & vibrations do indeed travel from one soul to another regardless of physical distance… This proves what Spirituality says that thoughts (rather than words & actions) are the foundation of our relationships, hence need to focus on creating the right thoughts for each other in relationships, else they’ll keep breaking in the smallest of matters… And the beauty is, that it takes just one of us to change the energy of relations, let’s become that one!


Another experiment was performed, where one group of people were asked to physically play the piano for 5 days 1 hour each, and another group was asked to do the same just in the mind… The results were amazing, with the same EEG brain wave patterns being observed in both groups, leading to the final conclusion that the brain cannot differentiate between the real & imaginary… Hence, this proves the spiritual Law of Attraction, that whatever thoughts & vibrations we create & radiate outside, the same quality of destiny is what nature bestows back to us.


Hence, by focusing on our thoughts and elevating them to soul-consciousness, let’s rise above the small issues & dependencies in our life and become a Master over our self, relations & surroundings once again… And by becoming Masters of our mind, we’ll become Masters of the world ie become instrumental in bringing the divine kingdom of Satyuga once again!


Om Shanti!

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