Spiritual Inspirations from Statistics

Spiritual Inspirations from Statistics picture29th June is National Statistics Day in India. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from statistics!

The most illustrious life!

Many love Statistics… Similarly, let’s become likeable & loveable by all!

There’re lots of statistical distributions… Similarly, let’s distribute (ie share) our attainments from meditation with all, through our elevated vibrations & good wishes, sweet words & royal behavior!

Statistics is one subject where we can get 100% marks… Similarly, let’s pass this journey of life with flying colors, by earning the certificate of contentment from all!

The kurtosis gives the peakedness of the distribution… Hence, let’s always ensure a peaked (ie tall & elevated) state of mind!

Statistics has numerous applications… Similarly, an empowered state of mind automatically gets applied to our all work & relations, making them similarly elevated!

The mean (ie average) is the most commonly used statistic… Similarly, peace & love are the most commonly sought after emotions… Hence, let’s fill ourselves with true peace & love through spiritual knowledge & meditation, to provide everyone with the same!

The word mean also means rude… Hence, let’s avoid being rude to others, since it makes us the first to feel low inside!

Making easy transformation!

Statistics are based on data sets… Hence, let’s always feed the purest data to the mind! (ie listen to only pure & positive information!)

The accuracy of statistics is critically based on the quality of underlying data… Similarly, our quality of life is directly based on the quality of information we put in!

The range is the simplest statistical measure ie it’s just the highest value subtracted by the lowest value… Similarly, let’s inculcate simplicity in our life… ie keep our thoughts very clean, clear & streamlined!

Statistics is the backbone of many numerical analyses… Hence, let’s keep analyzing (ie checking & changing) our thoughts, to ensure they remain elevated always!

A statistic is a single value summarising a whole distribution of values… Similarly, let’s keep churning spiritual knowledge in our mind, to keep the summary (ie essence) of knowledge emerged in our awareness!

A scatter diagram is used to compare two sets of data… Hence, let’s scatter (ie finish) our old sanskars of sorrow!

The skewness shows whether most of the values are lesser or higher than the average… Hence, let’s use most of our free time for empowering the mind (which gives permanent happiness), rather than in temporary entertainment!

Spiritual Inspirations from Mathematics!

Both Soul & Supreme Soul have the form of point of light, which resembles the number zero… Hence, this point can be used for taking some wonderful spiritual inspirations from Mathematics:

  • Any number raised to zero becomes 1 (ie x0 =1)… Hence when we remember God, we become number one!
  • Adding zero after a number increases it by a factor of 10 ie 1 becomes 10, 10 becomes 100, etc… Similarly, when we consider ourselves a Soul & remember the Supreme Soul, our inner earnings of peace love & joy increase multifold!
  • Zero is the only number which is neither positive nor negative… Similarly, considering ourselves a soul, makes us immune to unnecessary influence of praise & insult, fame & defamation, victory & defeat, etc!

Best Practices

Statistics helps us get a quick idea of the features of a whole distribution of values…. Similarly, the face provides a glimpse of our entire personality, quality of thoughts, etc… Hence, let’s always ensure the most elevated state of mind, to experience the happiest sparkling face always!

Statistics is required for making important policy decisions… Similarly, an elevated state of mind is required for making the perfect decisions… Hence, let’s always sit in silence & meditation for a few minutes, before taking important decisions, to silence the mind & emerge the wisdom within!

The median is the middle-most value… Similarly, let’s remain in the middle (ie keep a perfect balance), between:

  • Empowering the mind, & using it in activities
  • Self-service & serving others
  • Work & Family
  • etc

The mode is the value with the highest frequency (ie that value which occurs the highest number of times)… Hence, let’s reduce the frequency of our mood-offs, by daily listening to spiritual knowledge with discipline!

Collecting data requires a lot of time & efforts, but seeing the results only takes a minute with statistics… Similarly, even our parents have made a lot of efforts in the past, due to which we’re enjoying a good quality of life in the present… Hence, let’s always have full gratitude towards our parents!

Spiritual Statistics

Statistics is widely used in research… Similarly, let’s keep researching (ie experimenting) with each point of spiritual knowledge, to become full of divine spiritual experiences!

The subjects Maths & Stats are usually combined in syllabus (ie both are given 50 marks each, hence resulting in a total of 100 marks)… Similarly, let’s also remain combined with God, to remain full of His divine virtues & powers always!

The variance (or standard deviation) measures how much the values are further away from (or closer) to the average… Similarly, let’s always remain close to God, in His elevated company!

The correlation coefficient gives us the co-relation between two sets of data… Hence, let’s correlate (ie verify) our activities with God’s elevated directions… To experience a life free from worries, & full of happiness!

Statistics is used by actuaries for numerous purposes, including setting premium rates for insurance contracts… Hence, let’s insure our mind & body with God ie use them as per God’s elevated directions, hence creating our most illustrious fortune!

Statistics is one of the subjects studied in college… Hence, let’s also visit the spiritual college ie our nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre, for studying spiritual knowledge daily! 


Hence today, let’s inculcate all the above spiritual inspirations from statistics in our life… In particular, let’s feed the mind with the purest data, & keep analyzing or thoughts & feelings to ensure they remain elevated, & combined with God… This automatically makes our work & interactions of the highest most divine quality, also inspiring others around, hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from the various units of measurement!

Statistics is based on numbers… Hence, let’s overcome all superstitions associated with numbers!

Statistics is used for making important business decisions… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from business!

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