Wish you a very Happy Parents Day

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Day after tomorrow 1st June is Global Parents Day. Hence today, let’s explore some wonderful points for increasing the feeling of gratitude towards our parents!

Empowering the Self first!

Parents are one of the first & most important relations we experience… Hence, let’s learn how to build harmonious relationships with all!… In particular, let’s build a powerful relationship with the Self & Supreme, which automatically makes all our other relationships beautiful!

Indeed today, let’s also connect to our Supreme Parent God & fill ourselves with His divine powers… Since it’s only His powers which allows us to constantly radiate love & respect to everyone around, including our Mom Dad!

God says you should definitely fulfill the responsibilities towards your parents, and get their blessings… Since blessings from parents are one of the most important aspects required for success in any field of life!

Increasing gratitude towards our parents!

We don’t have the memory of the first few years in this birth… Hence, we can just imagine how much our parents must have cared for us during that sensitive time… Hence, let’s always have full gratitude for our parents!

Birds bring food from far, half-chew it themselves & then feed the soft part to their children… Similarly, even our parents have made life so easy for us, in all aspects like food, clothing, home, health, education, etc… Hence, we’re indeed very fortunate!

We’ve got so many virtues simply by being in the presence of our parents… Hence, we’re so lucky!

Treating our parents with love!

Today, our bodies are strong while our parents have weakened… Hence, now is the time to give back to them… Hence, let’s always treat them with a lot of love & respect!

And this doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend hours with them, throwing grand parties, etc… Just having the most purest thoughts, and the most elevated interaction everytime we meet, is more than enough, even if possible for just a few minutes!

Indeed, even if we may need to adjust to their sanskars, let’s do so since they’ve also adjusted a lot to our tantrums & desires!

Even if our parents have left the body, our thoughts & vibrations still travel to them… Hence, let’s always remember them with a lot of love & gratitude, rather than with grief & sorrow… To ensure we keep radiating the right most elevated vibrations to them, which help them in their future life!

Scriptures mention a story of a race between the brothers Ganesha & Kartikeya, as to who can travel the world fastest… Ganesha emerged the winner since he simply made a round around his parents, saying that parents are my world… Hence, let’s have such highest regard for our parents, both for our Supreme Parent as well as for our dear Mom Dad!


Hence on Global Parents Day today, let’s connect to our Supreme Parent God & fill ourselves with His divine powers… This enables us to constantly radiate love to our dear Mom Dad who’ve brought us up with so much love & care, and indeed to all the souls around us… Hence, the blessings we receive from all boosts our stage even further, & we also keep serving others hence becoming instrumental in bringing the divine harmonious land of Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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