Experiencing God as Supreme Mother

Experiencing God as Supreme Mother pictureExperiencing God as Supreme Mother

Today, being the 2nd Sunday of May, is Mother’s Day … Hence today, please find a wonderful article on experiencing God as Supreme Mother!

Indeed, we can join & experience all relations with this Supreme Mother… And the best part is, when our relation with God is strong, our relations with all others automatically becomes very beautiful & harmonious!

The child has a lot of love & affection for the mother… Similarly, let’s always remain immersed in God’s love!

The mother cooks & feeds the child with a lot of love… Hence, let’s always eat food in God’s loving remembrance… Visualising God Himself feeding the food to us!

The mother’s lap gives the best sleep to a child… Similarly, let’s always sleep in the loving canopy of God’s remembrance… Visualizing a bed of light, in which I the angel am sleeping, and God is very softly patting me to sleep!

The mother wakes up the child with a lot of love… Similarly, even God shakes our bed in the early morning, encouraging us to remember Him (ie meditate!)

The child has a responsibility to care for the mother… But here, God needs nothing from us… Hence, let’s atleast keep remembering Him with a lot of love!

The child’s face resembles that of the mother… Similarly, just like we souls are points of light, so is God!

The mother has many hopes & aspirations on the child… Similarly, let’s fulfil God’s divine aspirations on us, which are entirely for our benefit… e.g.,

  • May children become complete & perfect like me
  • May children become emperors of the world, rulers over the self, etc
  • May children become free of efforts, and experience love & happiness always

The mother cleans the child when he comes home soiled & dirty… Similarly, God cleans us of the dust of vices & sparkles us in the experience of our original virtues!

The child experiences security in the mother’s presence… Similarly, the power of God’s remembrance very easily keeps us protected from negative influence, hence we remain very light & carefree throughout the day!

Even though the child may grow big, he/she always remains a child in front of the mother… Similarly, let’s always remain children in front of God (ie very egoless!)

The mother takes the child to the playground… Similarly, God gives us imperishable jewels of knowledge to play with, churning which we experience supersensuous joy!

The mother looks at the child with a very elevated vision… Similarly, God looks at & addresses us with such wonderful divine titles, remembering which we experience great happiness!.. e.g., God says you’re:

  • The jewel of my forehead (Mastak Mani)
  • The light of my eyes (naino ke noor)
  • The garland of my neck (gale ka haar)
  • Seated on my heart-throne (dil takht nashin)
  • The world benefactor (vishwa kalyankaari)
  • etc

The mother understands the feelings of the child very well… Similarly, God also understands us very well, hence gives us the most personal, elevated & empowering directions daily in the Murli (ie God’s direct elevated versions!)

The mother prepares the child for the whole day at school… Similarly, God’s elevated versions empowers us to face the whole day’s challenges with strength & stability!

The mother cooks hot breakfast for the child… Similarly, God feeds our mind with very pure spiritual knowledge every morning, keeping our flow of thoughts positive & powerful the entire day! 

The mother teaches the child to walk & talk… Similarly, God teaches us how to live at every step… how to think good, see souls & their specialities, keep good wishes for all, speak sweet, behave in a royal manner, be an example of all, etc

The mother gives birth to the child… Similarly, God has given this new spiritual birth to us, where we keep experiencing progress at every step!

Today, many children & mothers keep fighting… Here, there’s no such question with the Supreme Mother!

Meditation Commentary (Experiencing God as Supreme Mother)

To experience God’s love… Would encourage you to go through the following meditation commentary very slowly & gradually… Trying to experience each word:

Let’s take a moment to relax the body… and mind… and come to the awareness ‘I’m a loveful soul’… an embodiment of love… Vibrations of love are radiating all around from me… …

Today is Mother’s Day… I remember my Supreme Mother God… the Ocean of Love… … He loves me unconditionally… cares for me so much… …

Vibrations of love are reaching from God to me… I’m getting filled with God’s love… I’m full of God’s love… …

will never forget this divine experience… will share this love with all… Om Shanti!


Hence, on Mother’s Day today, let’s experience God as the Supreme Mother, and fill ourselves with His divine love!… This’ll very naturally emerge the original virtue of love within us, and we’ll keep sharing this love with each & every one we come into contact with… Hence, this constant filling up & exchange of love will bring the land of love Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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Hope you liked this article on ‘Experiencing God as Supreme Mother’!

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