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Wish you a blissful World Play Day (Spiritual Inspirations from Playing)

Tomorrow 28th May is World Play Day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from playing!

Playing with the jewels of knowledge!

God says I’ve given you imperishable jewels of knowledge to play with, hence let’s keep churning these to remain in supersensuous joy always!… Indeed, the experience of supersensuous joy is so light & elevated, that it feels like playing on a swing!

Playing outdoors is entertaining, as well as strengthens the body…. Similarly, churning spiritual knowledge not only keeps our stage very light & happy, but also empowers the mind!

Indoor games like chess sharpen our intellect… Similarly, churning spiritual knowledge purifies our intellect immensely, hence making us very sharp & efficient!

Children love playing with sand & building sand castles… Similarly, listening to God’s direct spiritual knowledge builds our very illustrious fortune!

God says life is like a play ie drama… Where all of us souls are actors, who’ve taken this costume (body), for playing various roles on this world drama stage… Hence, this awareness that life is a play, has numerous benefits:

  • Keeps us very light, even amidst challenging circumstances!
  • Protects us from being judgemental towards others… Since even they’re souls playing their respective parts
  • Reminds us to be happy always… ie happiness lies in every moment of this journey, not just at the destination!

The Science of Meditation!

Playing games on mobile (or video games on TV) only gives temporary pleasure… However, playing this spiritual game of meditation even for just 15-20 minutes, keeps us very full & happy for many hours after that!

Hence, to play the game of meditation, let’s:

  • First go indoors… ie focus on our self
  • Then use the gadgets of the mind & intellect… To engage ourselves in elevated thoughts & visuals given by God ie Rajyoga
  • Thereby become full of divine experiences!… Which automatically transforms our sanskars

Playing overcomes boredom… Hence, God gives us so many new points of knowledge & varied meditation practices everyday, that we never get bored!… Different meditation practices like:

  • Being in the awareness of being a very pure, peaceful, loving & happy soul!
  • Connecting to and experiencing the vibrations of God, the Ocean of Peace Love & Joy!
  • Remaining in the experience of the elevated self-respect points shared by God… e.g., I’m an angel, I’m a divine soul, etc
  • Remaining in the awareness that others are also very pure divine souls
  • Giving vibrations of purity, peace & love to the whole world
  • etc

Playgrounds have various tools for children to play, e.g., slide, swing, see-saw, etc… Similarly, even within a particular type of meditation, God’s given us numerous different thoughts patterns & visualizations for easy experiences!… Hence, for example, the practice of remembering God can be done in numerous ways like:

  • See Him shining in the soul world… and fill ourselves with all His powers!
  • Remain in the awareness that God is with me & alongside me… For  experiencing His very sweet support at every step!
  • Simply talk to Him about our life, write a personal letter to Him, etc… To experience a very natural closeness with Him!
  • Remember the various times He’s helped us during times of need… To  increase our love for Him!

Most games require a companion to play with… Hence, let’s always remain in the elevated company of God & keep playing the games of knowledge & meditation with Him, to remain full of supersensuous joy & happiness! 

Inculcation of Divine Virtues

Children love to play with clay… Hence like clay, let’s also become flexible & mould (ie adjust) with others’ sanskars… Indeed, God says the one who moulds is real gold!

In a slide, children take efforts to climb the staircase, and then slide down with joy… Similarly, even if it might take some efforts to change ourselves, let’s do so since it then results in a very significant long-term increase in joy & happiness!

Indeed, to play with God, let’s slay (ie finish) our old sanskars of sorrow!

Indeed, let’s never play with the emotions of others… Since it creates a very deep negative karma, hence never allowing us to remain happy


God says even seva (ie serving others) is like a toy I’ve given children to play… Hence, let’s keep playing this most elevated game of illuminating & benefitting the lives of all!


Hence on World Play Day today, let’s play with the imperishable jewels of knowledge, and remain in the elevated company of the Supreme, using a variety of techniques… This colors us in His divine company ie fills us with His divine virtues of peace love & joy, and we also keep sharing these with all… Hence, this spiritual playing will bring the divine ever-blissful land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Playing is very much liked by children… Hence, let’s also become a child once again!

Playing outdoors is fun because of the Sun… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the Sun!

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Hope you liked this article on ‘Spiritual Inspirations from Playing’!

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