Spiritual Inspirations from Chess

Spiritual Inspirations from Chess board imageTomorrow 20th July is International Chess Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from chess!

Remaining Indoors!

Chess is an indoor game… Similarly, let’s always remain indoors in the experience of our original virtues of peace love & joy!

Chess is a very short 5-letter word… Similarly, let’s always remember the 5-letter words, Peace & Power… ie I’m a Peaceful Soul & I’m a Powerful soul, to remain very stable & powerful the whole day!

Chess is an exercise of our intellectual capacity… Similarly, meditation is an exercise of experiencing peace, love & sweetness!

When the opposite king is in danger, we say “Check”… Similarly, let’s keep checking & changing our thoughts & belief systems, to protect ourself from even the slightest experience of sorrow!

The move of castling helps protect the king… Similarly, let’s go inside our castle of introversion to protect ourself (ie the king!) from outside influence, and remain in the constant experience of peace love & joy!

Chess is a game of white units vs black units… Similarly, life is also a game of white (ie our original virtues of purity, peace & love) vs black (our acquired sanskars & weaknesses)… Hence, let’s always ensure the white becomes victorious, by remaining empowered always!

The chess board contains 32 units (8 pawns, 2 elephants horses & camels, 1 king & queen each on both sides), and we also have 32 teeth… Hence like teeth, let’s become pure white from within!

Becoming free from the influence of situations!

The queen can move straight as well as diagonally, hence making it the most versatile unit in chess… Similarly, let’s become emotionally versatile ie adaptable in every situation to remain stable & happy always!

The camel only moves diagonally (ie in a crossed manner)… Hence, let’s avoid being cross (ie in opposition) with others, instead let’s keep accepting & inspiring all! 

The horse can jump over other units… Similarly, rather than getting stuck in situations, let’s jump over (or fly over!) them through our flying stage… ie through the experience of our original virtues of peace love & joy!

Creating an illustrious fortune!

The king is the tallest (ie longest) unit… Hence since God has given us the pen (ie power) to write our destiny, let’s pull our line of fortune very long… Indeed for this, let’s just keep our state of mind tall (ie elevated!)

As the game progresses, the number of units on the board keeps reducing… Similarly, our time in this physical body keeps reducing every moment, hence let’s make this time successful by also doing something that goes with the soul… ie listening to spiritual knowledge, meditating & serving others, since this creates an illustrious fortune & emerges our divine sanskars, both of which go with the soul!

A stale-mate victory occurs when it’s the opponents turn & he can’t make a single valid move… Similarly, let’s fill ourselves so much with the power of meditation, that our past sanskars can’t move (ie emerge) for even a second!

Experienced players can checkmate their opponents in just a few moves… Similarly, let’s become so full of the various points of spiritual knowledge, that we can overcome any negative emotion, by just creating a few right thoughts!

The pawn normally moves only one step at a time, but can advance 2 steps in it’s first move… Similarly, the morning time when we wake up is the most productive time of all, since what we think & feel at this time continues very easily for the rest of the day… Hence at this time, let’s chose to remain empowered the whole day, by sparing few minutes for listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Some chess sets have chess board on one side & another game (ex snakes & ladders) on the other side, hence excellent utilization of the space available… Similarly, whenever we get few minutes of spare time (which we get innumerable times daily)… ex. Our whole travel time, lunch breaks, waiting times, walking from one place to another, etc… Let’s use this time effectively by connecting to God & filling ourselves with all His powers!

Some chess sets are so compact, they can fit inside a pocket… Similarly, let’s always occupy the smallest place in life ie live so peacefully & contented, that we never interfere or create issues in others’ lives!

Best Practices

Many players remain absolutely silent while playing chess… Similarly, let’s always remain very peaceful calm & silent, to greatly enhance our efficiency & effectiveness at work!

A game of chess can last for hours… Similarly, waste talks (of the past & on what others should do) can last for hours, hence let’s protect ourselves from those!

The king can sometimes get trapped due to his own pawns… Hence, let’s avoid getting entangled in our own waste thinking patterns!

The elephant moves in a straight direction… Similarly, let’s always remain clear & straight-forward (alongwith keeping full regard of others), rather than being complex & confusing!

Many players adopt a defensive strategy ie opponents cannot kill even their single unit without sacrificing own units… Hence, let’s live life so powerfully & carefully, that no situation person or body condition can harm our elevated state of mind!

Many players adopt an aggressive self-destructive strategy ie kill opponents’ units even at the expense of killing own units… Similarly, Anger is one emotion that harms us as well as others… Hence instead, let’s inculcate peace & love which benefits us as well as others!

Making God our Companion!

Many chess sets use magnets to ensure the units stick in place… Similarly, let’s always remain attracted & connected to the Supreme Magnet God, to remain full of His divine virtues & powers!

Many players keep talking alongwith playing chess… Similarly, let’s keep talking to God (which is one of the easiest techniques of remaining connected with Him!) even whilst doing routine activities… To remain very light & happy throughout the day!

We say “Check Mate” when we become victorious…  Hence, let’s make God our mate (ie friend) to remain victorious always… ie stable & happy in every scene of life!

Today, chess can even be played online between two opponents faraway… Similarly, we can connect to God anytime through the power of our thoughts… Hence, let’s keep connecting to Him frequently, to remain full of His divine virtues!

If the pawn reaches over to the other side, it can revive important units… Similarly, let’s keep progressing in our spiritual journey, to revive our divine past of Satyuga, which helps create Satyuga once again!

The white side has the first move… Similarly, in the initial phase of this time cycle (in Satyuga Tretayuga) all of us were 100% charged ie pure white after which we got discharged & impure ie black… And now, God has come to again make us 100% pure, divine & charged!


Hence to sum up the spiritual inspirations from chess, let’s make the first (two-step!) move of connecting to God… This keeps us full of His divine virtues & powers, making us cross every situation very effortlessly… Hence, our every action continues to remain most elevated, building our most illustrious fortune, and also transforms the fortune of the world from Kaliyuga to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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