Experiencing God as Supreme Best Friend (Happy Friendship Day Wishes)

Experiencing God as Supreme Best Friend (Happy Friendship Day Wishes) imageExperiencing God as Supreme Best Friend (Happy Friendship Day Wishes) 

Tomorrow (1st Sunday of August) is Happy Friendship Day. Hence today, let’s experience God as the Supreme Best Friend!

Making God our Supreme Friend!

It’s said a friend in need is a friend indeed… And God is always available for us 24×7, hence He can become such a wonderful friend!

Scriptures also mention a story of Khuda Dost… Hence, since we’ve complete freedom to choose our friends, let’s make God our Supreme Friend!

And making God our Best Friend, automatically makes everyone around our best friend too… Since we remain full of divine virtues & powers, everyone around is automatically benefitted through our elevated stage & vibrations, hence making us everyone’s favorite!

Many parents are concerned about the company ie quality of friends of their children… However, when we make God our Best Friend, no one has any issues!

We’re colored by the company we keep… Hence, since God is the Ocean of peace love & joy, remaining in His elevated company fills us with the experience of divine virtues & powers!

Indeed, God’s such a wonderful friend… That He’s also our Mother Father Beloved Teacher Satguru & even child!

Experiencing God’s Friendship!

Friends leave beautiful memories with us… Hence, let’s remember the various times God has helped us during times of need, & the beautiful moments we’ve experienced with Him in meditation!

Friends think very good about each other… Hence, let’s shift from fearing God to loving God… In particular, considering the very pure & elevated vision God has on us ie He says:

  • He says your transformation will transform the entire world
  • You were 100% pure & divine in Satyuga
  • You’re the hero actors of this world drama

Hence, remembering these facts takes our self-respect very high!

Friends talk a lot with each other… Hence, let’s keep talking to God frequently… Since it’s one of the easiest techniques of remaining connected to Him, hence filling ourselves with His divine virtues & powers!

Indeed, even God speaks to us daily… Hence, let’s study His direct elevated versions (ie Murli class) daily at the Centre!

Friends can spend hours together… Similarly, let’s remain in the remembrance of God for extended durations!

Friends look forward to meet each other… Similarly, let’s look forward to our meditation time of having a communion with God!

The most divine friendship!

Those friendships can become weak over time (due to changing circumstances e.g., finishing education, changing job, etc)… However, the friendship between us & God is immortal & imperishable!

Some’s friends end up betraying or cheating them… But here, God can never create even a single negative thought for us!

Friendship is natural between souls of the same age, college, office, etc… Similarly, since we souls & the Supreme Soul share the same form (point of light), abode (soul world) & virtues (purity peace love & joy), our friendship is very easy & natural!

Friend’s visit each other’s homes frequently… Hence, let’s take our mind & intellect to the peaceful experience of the soul world frequently, to have a meeting with God!

Today, friends will exchange friendship belts… Similarly, God ties us in the pledge of purity!

Best friends share everything with each other… Similarly, let’s give our day’s report (ie chart) to God every night.. To experience a very relaxed & high-quality sleep!

Meditation Commentary

Would encourage you to go through the commentary slowly & gradually… Trying to experience each word!

I take this moment to relax… And remember ‘I’m a Peaceful & Happy soul’… Vibrations of joy are spreading around from me… Because I remember my Supreme Friend God..

Just like me… Point of Light… & Ocean of peace love & joy… Making me very relaxed & light… He’s with me always, available for me 24×7… He cares for me so much… Loves me unconditionally… Am so very fortunate to have Him in my life… I share all my life’s talk with Him, & become very light…

Will share this love & warmth with all… Will remain very light the whole day today, in the awareness ‘God is with me’… Om Shanti!


Hence today, let’s make God our Best Friend, to experience the most sweetest & divine friendship ever… And the more we remain in His divine company, the more the experience of peace love & joy keeps increasing within us… Hence, we keep sharing this love with all, which makes everyone our best friend, hence finally bringing the divine ever-harmonious land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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