Experiencing God as Supreme Satguru – Happy Guru Purnima Wishes

Experiencing God as Supreme Satguru - Happy Guru Purnima Wishes pictureTomorrow is Guru Purnima … Hence today, let’s experience God as the Supreme Satguru (including a wonderful short meditation commentary at the end)!


The word Guru Purnima contains the word Purnima (ie full moon night)… Hence, let’s become as pure & sparkling as the full moon!

God, the Supreme Satguru

The Guru gives blessings… Hence, our Supreme Satguru God fills us with so many divine blessings daily!… Like:

  • You’re Master Almighty Authority, Master of all Powers (Master Sarva-shaktivaan), Master Sun of Purity!
  • You’re a messenger of peace (Shanti-Doot), an incarnation of love (Prem ka Avtar), a deity of happiness (Sukhdev)!
  • etc

The Guru also gives knowledge… Hence, God is also our Supreme Teacher, who fills us with jewels of knowledge daily! … Giving us the most accurate, simple & essenceful spiritual knowledge of the soul, supreme soul & cycle of time!

In fact, God is also our Mother Father Friend Beloved & even child! ie All-in-1!

The word Guru literally means ‘The One who takes back’, & it’s believed the Guru facilitates gati sadgati, or mukti jeevan-mukti ie libation & liberation in life… Hence as per the cycle of time, now is the time God takes us back home, then sends us in the new world Satyuga.. Hence, God performs His role as Supreme Satguru perfectly!

Many Gurus give a mantra… And God gives us the wonderful mantras of:

    • Manmanabhav ie involve your mind in me, which fills us with all treasures!
    • Madhyajjbhav… ie remember my inheritance of Satyuga!

The guru gives directions… And God gives us the most elevated directions ever, which are also the most scientific!… Like:

  • After waking up, use the first few minutes for creating elevated thoughts & connecting to God… Since whatever we experience at the start of the day continues very easily for the rest of the day!
  • Listen to spiritual knowledge daily… Since this builds our very powerful stage, and gives lots of new pure information to keep our mind engaged with
  • Keep churning spiritual knowledge… Since this keeps us full of true happiness, & keeps increasing our wealth of wisdom!
  • Eating in God’s remembrance… Since this radiates & absorbs very powerful vibrations in our food, hence benefitting us immensely!
  • Before sleeping, giving our chart (ie report) of the day to God, & sleep in His lap… Since this makes us very light & free, leading to a very high-quality sleep!

It’s believed the Guru provides a link to God… But here, God Himself is our Satguru ie a direct connection!

God, the Truthful Satguru

Since only God is 100% truthful (ie Sat)… Only He is the One Sat-Guru!… All others are just gurus

Gurus usually have another guru above them… But here, our Supreme Satguru God has no guru above Him ie He is the Highest, the Guru of Gurus, the Father of Fathers!

Gurus share the knowledge of the scriptures… But here, God directly speaks & shares His most elevated & divine spiritual knowledge with us!

Hence, let’s remain in lots of spiritual intoxication & happiness today, that we’ve got such a wonderful Satguru in God Himself! 

Our role as God’s disciples!

Many keep their Guruji’s photo at home… Similarly, let’s keep God’s photo in our heart… ie let’s clean our heart from negativity so that God can sit inside it!

Many visit their Guruji after important events… Hence, let’s always keep remembering & crediting God in our every milestone of life!

The Guru’s words are given great regard… Similarly, let’s give full regard to God, and listen to His direct elevated versions (which we call Murli) daily at the Centre!

In the olden days, there were Gurukuls (schools by Gurus)… Hence, let’s visit the Gurukul, of our nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre regularly!

Meditation Commentary

Would recommend going through the following meditation commentary very slowly & gradually:

I take a moment to pause… And reflect… I’m a Pure Soul… Vibrations of purity are spreading around from me… The light of purity is filling my entire body… I the angel fly above… In the subtle world, where there’s white light all around…

God (as Supreme Angel) is in front of me… His very loving drishti is upon me… Making me soul-conscious… His hand of blessings’s on me… Filling me with all powers & blessings… He’s applying the tilak of victory on my forehead… Success is my birthright…

Am experiencing God’s divine company… And becoming very light & peaceful from within… Will maintain this lightness throughout the day today… Om Shanti…


Hence on Guru Purnima today, let’s make God our Supreme Satguru… And keep following His elevated directions with love, in particular let’s keep connecting to Him frequently, to become full of His divine powers… Hence, let’s become liberated-in-life (ie jeevan-mukt) right now through His spiritual knowledge & powers, to become instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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