Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day to God, our Best Friend!

Today being the 1st Sunday of August, is Happy Friendship Day. Hence, alongwith wishing our friends around, let’s take a moment now to also wish a very very Happy Friendship Day to God, our eternal best friend.

It’s seen that friendship is easy between similar people ie those with the same age, college, profession, hobby, etc. Hence, the friendship between me & God is very natural since both of us are souls ie energies having the same original qualities of purity, peace, love, happiness & having the same aim of benefitting the world.

A friend is one who’s always available for us, to talk to anytime. In fact, we share all our life’s talk with our best friend. And God is that faithful friend who’ll never disclose our talks to anyone, who never judges or criticizes us. Further, unlike any human, He can stay with us 24×7. Hence, let’s take advantage of this special opportunity and keep talking with Him about our life, schedule, work, interactions, thoughts, feelings, etc. This is one of the easiest methods of remaining connected to Him, through which we also remain open to receiving His guidance & experiencing His subtle support at every step.

It’s said that as is the company, so we become (जैसा संग, वैसा रंग). Hence, when we remain in the divine company of the Supreme, we automatically experience His powerful vibrations of purity & peace, His unconditional love acceptance encouragement & elevated vision for us, His soothing presence making us free of worries, elevated personality of purity & His ever-giving compassionate merciful nature. Indeed, being in the company of God shifts our frequency to a very high level, much higher above the pull of limits & negative emotions & waste thoughts, and deep in the pure experience of supersensuous joy & bliss.

Like when we go near the Ocean, we automatically experience it’s cool, soothing & refreshing breeze without any effort. Similarly going near God, the Ocean of all virtues, automatically makes us experience His divine virtues without effort.

The best part is when we make God our best friend, everyone whom we meet start becoming our best friend. Since when we remain coloured in His company, we automatically share our attainments with all, our elevated state of mind & environment comforts everyone around, we see everyone as divine souls radiating pure energy to them, see specialities, are able to accept all, have the feeling of oneness unity & cooperation with all, etc.

Further, this elevated state of mind greatly boosts our work efficiency, emerges creativity & naturally enhances our skills, talents & capacity.

Hence, when we become dear to God, we automatically become dear to ourselves & to the whole world. These blessings from all act like a lift which pushes our state of mind even further upwards. Hence, this balance of self-efforts & blessings helps us maintain an elevated state throughout even while working & in interactions, naturally inspiring others around to do the same. Hence, making God our best friend helps us contribute to His divine task of world transformation, bringing closer everyone’s dream of seeing the Perfect Divine Land, the illustrious Golden Age once again!

Om Shanti!

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