Spiritual Inspirations from Wind

Spiritual Inspirations from Wind pictureWish you a pleasant Global Wind Day! (Spiritual inspirations from Wind)

Tomorrow 15th June is Global Wind Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from wind!

The beauty of virtues!

The wind in snowy areas is freezing cold… Similarly, let’s remain very cool from within!

Wind makes kites fly… Similarly, let’s keep flying (ie remain very light) like an angel!

The wind in gardens is very fragrant… Similarly, let’s become a spiritual rose, which spreads the elevated vibrations of divine virtues all around!

Wind creates beautiful ripples in the lake… Similarly, let’s inculcate the beauty of virtues within… Which automatically makes our face also very beautiful (making it sparkle with purity & happiness!)

Wind makes trees look as if they’re dancing… Similarly, let’s keep dancing in supersensuous joy & happiness always, in the awareness that God Himself has chosen me!

There’s a lot of wind at high altitudes… Hence, let’s always keep a very high & elevated state of mind!

Wind naturally keeps moving, but windmills tap onto this spare resource to generate electrical energy… Similarly, our thoughts also go on all the time, hence let’s direct them in a productive direction, by:

  • First listening to spiritual knowledge daily, so we have lots of new pure elevated information to think over daily
  • Giving the mind small tasks e.g.,
    • 9 to 10: I’ll remain peaceful
    • 10 to 11: I’ll speak sweetly with all
    • etc

The word wind is also contained in the word wind-up… Hence, let’s learn the Art of putting full-stop in a second, to pack up expansion of thoughts into essence… Since this helps keep us very light & productive throughout the day!

Rainfall is usually accompanied by fast winds… Hence, let’s always remain underneath the rain of God’s virtues, to become as cool & soothing as wind!

The fan is like an artificial source of wind… Hence, let’s become fans of God!

Indian scriptures give a very high position to wind, by considering it a deity (Vayu Dev)… Hence, let’s also become very pure & divine like deities!

Best Practices!

A strong wind can doze the flame of a lamp… Similarly, even when faced with the storm of past sanskars & challenging situations, let’s remain determined in the experience of our original virtues of peace love & joy!

Wind makes playing golf very challenging, but champion players excel even in such conditions… Similarly, even amidst challenging situations, let’s remain so full of the power of meditation, that we experience life as a game, & excel in it!

Everyone prefers flats which are west-open… Hence, let’s also become free from waste!

Wind can blow things away… Similarly, let’s blow away all weaknesses from within us!

Wind can create storms, cyclones & hurricanes… Hence, let’s avoid creating a storm at our own home ie let’s overcome anger!

Very strong wind creates a slightly frightening sound… Hence, let’s avoid creating fear in others’ minds!

We need to turn off the fan (which is a source of artificial wind) to broom (ie clean) the room… Similarly, let’s clean the artificial-ness within us, and become very pure & natural once again!

Lack of wind seems suffocating to some… Similarly, the soul feels suffocated without the experience of it’s original virtues… Hence, let’s keep experiencing peace love & joy always, using spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Even in the most furious of storms, there’s a point at it’s middle, called ‘The eye of the storm’ which is absolutely still & peaceful… Similarly, even if there’re challenges outside, this single point of awareness that ‘I’m a Peaceful Soul’ is very very peaceful & stable… And which actually empowers us to face & resolve all the challenges outside very easily!… Hence, let’s remain stabilised in this soul-consciousness always!

Experiencing Spirituality!

Many prefer to keep the windows open for experiencing wind… Similarly, let’s keep the window of our mind open to the elevated spiritual knowledge & divine vibrations of God, the Sun of Purity!

Many love going to the terrace above for experiencing wind… Similarly, let’s keep going above in the soul world frequently, to experience the wind of original virtues & powers from God!

Wind can’t be seen, but can be felt… Similarly, we can’t see the subtle energies of the Soul & Supreme Soul, but we can definitely experience their presence… Both in meditation (ie a powerful experience of our original virtues), & in our subsequent activities (where we’re naturally able to remain very strong & stable!)

Indeed, the experience of God’s love… Is like a cool breeze in a hot afternoon!

Wind (& the other elements of nature) can cause many natural calamities… Hence, let’s practice powerful meditation, to radiate very pure & loving vibrations to the whole environment & nature around… Then, nature will never ever harm us, instead it’ll act as a loving canopy of protection for us always!

Wind is invisible… Similarly, let’s perform actions of benefitting others in an incognito manner… This ensures we remain full of spiritual happiness & also builds our tremendous amount of future fortune!

Wind is invisible, yet artists manage to depict it using beautiful strokes, ripples in water, etc… Similarly, let’s reveal the invisible God, through our elevated face & behaviour!


It’s easier to ride in the direction of the wind… Similarly, since the wind of the world time cycle is now moving towards the new beginning of Satyuga, now is the time to make very easy spiritual progress & transform ourselves… Because God Himself has descended & is guiding us with His spiritual knowledge & meditation, hence let’s start our spiritual journey by attending the free 7 Day Rajyoga Meditation Course at our nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre!… This’ll be our biggest contribution in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Since this day is called Global Wind Day, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the globe ie planet earth!

Air contains numerous gases… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the various gases tomorrow!

Birds enjoy the wind… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from birds!

Wind makes trees dance… Hence, you might also like to read my article on International Dance Day (29th March)!

Beaches have a very cool breeze because of the Ocean… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Oceans!

Wind in coastal areas contains a lot of moisture… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

A strong wind can doze off fire… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Fire!

Shri Hanuman is shown as the child of Vayu Dev… Hence, you might also like to read my message on Hanuman Jayanti!

Hope you liked this article on ‘Spiritual inspirations from Wind’!

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