Wish you a very Happy Hanuman Jayanti

Tomorrow is Hanuman Jayanti, who’s one of the most important characters in the Ramayana… Hence today, let’s understand the spiritual significance of Shri Hanuman, and inculcate the same virtues in ourselves! 

Hanuman had One God in his heart & none other… This has numerous benefits:

  • Makes remembrance of God very natural & frequent, hence keeping us full of His divine virtues & powers
  • It emerges a tremendous amount of strength within, allowing us to accomplish great tasks
  • We remain in His loving canopy of protection, hence safe from the influence of external challenges as well as from our past sanskars

Hanuman was like Ram’s right hand… Similarly, let’s always do God’s task of benefitting people ie become helpers in God’s divine task of world transformation… And the 1st step of this is to transform ourself!

Hanuman is also called Mahavir ie very brave & strong, and is shown with a mace in hand… Similarly, let’s bravely face & become victorious over our old sanskars of pain & sorrow

Hanuman is shown as the elder brother of Bhima (being children of the wind God Vayu)… Hence, let’s also become like Bhima ie powerful & strongly facing & finishing old habits with determination

Hanuman is shown flying on numerous occasions ie having the ability to fly… This actually denotes a state of mind that is very light from within

It’s shown Hanuman could change his size ie could become huge as well as tiny… This actually denotes that using the power of knowledge, we can become very egoless (ie like a child, tiny) as well as very strong (ie fully in control over ourself)

Hanuman is shown carrying a whole mountain from one place to another… This denotes that when our stage is elevated, we end up making even mountain-like situations very light!

Hanuman is always shown 100% pure… Similarly, let’s adopt purity in our every thought word & action, because purity is the mother of peace & happiness!

It’s shown that Hanuman had forgotten about his inner powers, but as soon as he was reminded of them, they got emerged once again… This denotes that God reminds us that we’re originally a very pure divine happy powerful soul, and this awareness is enough to emerge those powers within us once again

Ravan denotes 5 vices, and Hanuman is shown to have burnt his entire kingdom… This denotes burning the vices within through the fire of meditation

It’s shown Hanuman brought the Sanjeevani butti (ie herb) to revive the unconscious Lakshman (ie Lakshya + Man)… This denotes using the herb of knowledge to revive all the souls who are unconscious (ie in body-consciousness & running aimlessly) & remind their mind (man) of the true aim (Lakshya) of life

It’s shown that Sita once gifted a rosary of pearls to Hanuman and Hanuman started pulling each pearl out, explaining that he is checking whether the sound Ram comes from it or not since if it doesn’t have Ram, it’s of no use to me!… Similarly, let’s adopt such high ideals in life that we listen to only such things, visit such places & do such acts which take us closer to God… Indeed, let’s perform even our daily routine responsibilities by considering it as God’s service & for the benefit of His children!… This’ll keep our state of mind very light & spiritual throughout the day

It’s shown that although Hanuman encountered numerous demons while flying towards Lanka, yet he continued ahead with full speed… Similarly, in our spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always, many situations may come as sidescenes, but we need to continue marching ahead with full speed!

It’s shown that no one offered a seat to Hanuman in Ravan’s Palace, so Hanuman made a seat for himself using his tail, a seat higher than even Ravan’s seat… Hence, this denotes that rather than seeking respect from others, we need to remain stabilised on our seat of elevated self-respect… Indeed, this’ll ensure we keep giving respect to everyone around us… Self-Respect points like:

  • I’m a unique special soul, none can perform my role better than me
  • I’m a pure, peaceful, loving, divine soul
  • I’m God’s child, all His virtues & powers belong to me
  • I’m God’s angel, have come only to share happiness & blessings with all

To become Hanuman, we need to become free from anumaan (unnecessary doubts & apprehensions)

It’s shown that when Ravan was breathing his last, he saw his deity Shankar in Hanuman… Similarly, when we become an embodiment of elevated virtues like Hanuman, we fulfill all the hopes & aspirations of people around us

A monkey is full of vices & weaknesses, while Shri Hanuman is always worshipped… This denotes that God transforms us from monkeys to worship-worthy deities (ie Bandar se Mandir laayak)

Today there’re millions of devotees of Shri Hanuman (who himself is a devotee of Shri Ram)… Similarly, let’s become so immersed in God’s love & remembrance, that we become invisible & only God (and His divine virtues & activities) is visible through us!

God reveals that Hanuman is actually symbolic of a soul at this auspicious Confluence Age (the small time between end of Kaliyuga and start of Satyuga), a soul who remains merged in God’s love, and who does a lot of service, hence becomes instrumental in bringing Satyuga… Hence, let’s each one of us become Hanuman and bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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