Wish you a very Happy Vallabhacharya Jayanti

Picture of Vallabhacharya

Today is Vallabhacharya Jayanti, who was the founder of the Pushti Marg sect in India… Hence today, let’s take some spiritual lessons from this great soul!

The word Vallabhacharya contains the word Acharya… Hence, let’s take knowledge into aachran (ie inculcate into our lives) rather than just listening to knowledge

The followers of Vallabhacharya are called Vaishnavs, and the word Vaishnav matches with the word Vishnu… Hence, let’s inculcate divine virtues in our life like Lord Vishnu

Vaishnavs are very particular about physical cleanliness… Similarly, let’s also be very particular on keeping our mind very clean, by:

  • Avoiding putting in any impure, negative or waste information within us
  • Sparing atleast 15-20 minutes daily for listening to pure information
  • Remaining in the company of pure elevated souls & high-energy places

Vaishnavs are very particular about eating pure food… Hence, let’s always cook & eat food in God’s loving remembrance, this radiates very powerful pure vibrations which gets absorbed in the food, benefitting all who eat!

This sect has great regard for cows, hence let’s also take some spiritual lessons from cows:

  • Every part of the cow gives (milk, cowdung, etc)… Similarly, let’s also keep giving to all
  • Cows are sacred… Hence, let’s also ensure our every thought is pure & sacred

Vallabhacharya is the author of ‘Madhurashtakam‘, which equates each body part of deities to a lotus flower (nain kamal, mukh kamal, hast kamal)… And lotus lives in mud yet lives above, hence denoting living in this world yet being free from negative influence… ie the virtue of purity… Hence, let’s also become as pure as a lotus flower!

Vallabhacharya is also called Maha Prabhuji ie the great saint… Similarly, let’s also emerge the greatness within us, by keeping in awareness that:

  • God Himself has said ‘You’re a great soul’
  • We’ve spent thousands of years as divine pure fully-charged deities in Satyuga & Tretayuga
  • God is using us at the present time for His divine task of world transformation

The aim of Vallabhacharya (like all other religious preceptors like Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Abraham, Guru Nanak, etc) was to connect everyone to God… Hence, now that God Himself has descended, let’s connect directly to Him (by listening to His spiritual knowledge & connecting to Him through meditation daily)… Thus truly fulfilling the elevated aspirations Vallabhacharya had on us

It’s said Vallabhacharya achieved very fast growth of this sect in a very short span of time… Hence, let’s make our every thought, glance, word & act so very elevated that it keeps serving & bringing others closer to God… Indeed in this way, let’s quickly connect everyone to God, and thereby help make them full of all attainments

This sect places a lot of importance on pilgrimage at it’s various places… Similarly, God now encourages us to practice the spiritual pilgrimage (through the mind!) of visiting soul world (Shantidham) & heaven (Sukhdham), and thereby experience it’s powerful silence & bliss, anytime & anywhere!

A lot of importance is placed on the feeling of being servant (daas) of God, remaining near God’s feet, etc… But now when God comes, He instantly lifts us up very high (from the feet to His lap!), saying you’re my most dear worthy children, the rightful heir of my inheritance of Satyuga… Indeed, God says that I’m your obedient servant at this time, being with you all the time, and giving the most elevated guidance (through spiritual knowledge) & spiritual powers (by teaching how to connect to Him directly through Rajyoga Meditation)… Hence in other words, He takes our self-respect very very high, thereby empowering our very easy transformation.

This sect keeps & serves a beautiful idol of baby Krishna at their homes… This idol has a very playful pose, with one hand having a ball of butter, and one leg shown as kicking something… God reveals this actually means kicking away the old world Kaliyuga & facing the new world Satyuga (denoted by the ball of butter!)

Picture of Lord Krishna looking at Satyuga and kicking Kaliyuga

This sect has great regard for the river Yamuna, by considering the river as a deity… This actually denotes the soul who connects to God (the Ocean of Knowledge), and then shares His knowledge with all (hence effectively becoming like rivers of knowledge)… And this inculcation & sharing of knowledge transforms our sanskars & also builds our stock of elevated karma, hence making us a deity worthy of entering Satyuga!

This sect has great regard for the Govardhan mountain… Because, the scriptures mention a story of how Lord Krishna & the villagers saved themselves from torrential rain, by lifting the entire mountain with a finger of support each… God reveals now this actually means that with the small act of co-operation by each one of us, we’ll together lift the entire mountain of Kaliyuga & bring Satyuga again… Hence, let’s become a helper in God’s divine task of world transformation, and become instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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