Wish you an enlightening Buddha Purnima

Happy Buddha Purnima imageTomorrow is Buddha Purnima … Hence, today provides an excellent opportunity to inculcate some of the qualities of Gautam Buddha in our lives!

This day is called Buddha Purnima (ie full moon day)… Hence, let’s also become as pure & sparkling as the full moon!

Buddha means ‘The Enlightened One’… Hence, let’s also fill ourselves with the light of spiritual knowledge to get enlightened!

Gautam Buddha took birth approximately 2250 years ago, yet his actions continue to inspire & benefit millions today… Similarly, let’s also make our life & actions so elevated, that they continue to inspire everyone around for a lifetime!

Buddhism says there’s a Buddha within each one of us… This just means all of us have the original divine virtues of peace love & happiness within us, just need to keep them in awareness, to keep them emerged!

It’s said Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment on the same day (after a few years) as the day he started his tapasya… Hence, in a way, the moment we get knowledge & keep it in awareness, we’re liberated from sorrow!

Gautam Buddha is always shown in a meditative pose… Hence, let’s also practice meditation daily (ie connect to the self & to God) to become free from sorrow!

Buddhism contains the Eightfold path of right living ie right speech, right action, etc… Hence today, let’s adopt the right way of thinking, which automatically ensures all the other right ways fall in place… And for that, let’s:

  • Listen to spiritual knowledge daily
  • Keep churning spiritual knowledge in our mind

Some keep a Laughing Buddha at their homes for keeping obstacles away… However, let’s realize that no physical object can do this, it’s only when we inculcate spiritual virtues within, that obstacles stop influencing us

Gautam Buddha was a prince, and his journey started after he saw poverty & sorrow outside… Hence, let’s also become compassionate (ie understanding) towards everyone around us, by realizing that:

  • Everyone is always right from their perspective (ie no one ever says this is wrong, hence let me do it)
  • They’re right on the basis of their journey, experiences & sanskars (ex if a soul has seen someone drowning in the last birth, he’ll definitely fear water now, hence need to empower & transform them now with love rather than force)

Many disciples left Gautam Buddha initially, then came back later…  Similarly, while following this path of self-empowerment on God’s elevated directions, even if others around don’t follow initially, let’s continue progressing fast ahead… Thus, our inner transformation will inspire their elevated progress too, ultimately leading to progress for all!… Hence, when we change, the world changes!

Conclusion (Buddha Purnima) 

Hence today, let’s remain in awareness of the divinity within, ie I’m originally a very pure divine peaceful being… This not only keeps our stage elevated, but also frees us from the influence of obstacles & sorrow… And our resulting sparkling face, elevated character & divine behaviour keeps serving & inspiring all, empowering their elevated transformation too… Hence, we’ll together bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Hope you liked this article on ‘Buddha Purnima’!

Image Courtesy: Purshi / CC BY-SA 3.0

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