Happy Gita Jayanti | Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Jayanti

Happy Gita Jayanti | Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Jayanti imageHappy Gita Jayanti | Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Jayanti

Today is Gita Jayanti, which is one of the holiest scriptures in the world. Hence today, let’s understand the true meaning & spiritual significance of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

The Gita is centred in the epic battle of Mahabharat between the Pandavas & Kauravas. This is actually symbolic of the war between original virtues & acquired sanskars that goes on within us. And it’s only true spiritual knowledge by God (depicted by the Gita) which helps the goodness within become victorious once again.

Krishna denotes the Incorporeal Supreme Soul giving knowledge, while Arjuna denotes all of us souls.

It’s shown the Kauravas took over the kingdom of Pandavas using deceit, after which Krishna instigated the Pandavas to wage war to regain the lost kingdom…. This depicts the fact that vices & weaknesses have taken away our power to control & rule over ourself (i.e., our thoughts, words & actions) today, and God inspires us now to win over these vices & regain control over the self once again.

It’s shown that Krishna never took up arms himself in the battlefield, and it’s also shown he gave perfect directions which helped overcome each major foe…. This denotes that God doesn’t do our karma for us, but teaches us the most elevated spiritual knowledge & meditation, using which we ourselves become victorious over the negativity within.

The 2nd chapter itself of the Gita explains you’re a soul, imperishable & indestructible… This is because when God descends now, the very 1st point of knowledge He shares is regarding our true original identity i.e., we’re an eternal soul originally full of divinity, purity, peace, love, happiness & power… Remaining in this elevated awareness re-emerges these original virtues within us, hence gradually making us victorious over negative.

The Gita mentions the term Manmanabhav twice, which means ‘involve your mind in me’… Hence, when God descends (as He has in the present times) and shares His accurate introduction (that He’s an Incorporeal Soul, Ocean of all Virtues & Powers), He also asks us to keep remembering Him accordingly… This accurately connects us to His frequency, helping us constantly experience a soothing flow of His vibrations of purity, peace, love & happiness… This transfer of energy from God makes transformation of sanskars & inculcation of divine virtues very easy & natural i.e., very easily makes our original virtues victorious.

Arjuna was shown in a lot of confusion before, and then after listening to the complete knowledge, became fully convinced & determined… Hence, it’s only true spiritual knowledge by God which transforms us from our chaotic & confused stage (at the end of Kaliyuga) to a life full of determination & clarity regarding our true purpose & direction of life… i.e., Our purpose of life is to maintain an elevated state of mind always, full of the experience of our original virtues (of purity, peace, love & happiness) and keep expressing these in every action, interaction & relation… And our direction in life is to ensure the above purpose is met by daily listening (and inculcation) of spiritual knowledge & meditation (i.e., connecting to God!)

Krishna is shown frequently encouraging Arjuna to fight for upholding dharma… It’s important to note here that God can never advocate violence (adharma) for establishing dharma… It actually refers to upholding the true dharma of the soul (of purity, peace, love, etc) by fighting & finishing the evils of vices, weaknesses, pain, etc within rather than ignoring them

The Pandavas were victorious inspite of having a significantly lesser army than the Kauravas, because God was by their side… Hence, when we keep following God’s elevated directions, we remain victorious i.e., stable & happy in each & every scene & situation of life!

Further, the Pandavas were victorious because each of them denote elevated original virtues of the soul, which are important in making us victorious:

  • Yudhishtira; the one who remains stable (sthir) in this war (yudh) of originality over negativity, hence becomes victorious
  • Bhima; who denotes the virtues of power, strength, determination & courage which are invaluable in helping us overcome weaknesses
  • Arjuna; the one who arjits i.e., inculcates true spiritual knowledge
  • Nakul; one who’s not influenced by Kul (caste, creed, etc) i.e., one who is always stabilised in soul-consciousness & sees others as souls, hence always experiences unity with all remaining free from outward differences (of caste, creed, looks, etc)
  • Sahadev; meaning the deity (dev) of co-operation (sahayog) ie the one who always co-operates, shares & gives

Each Kaurava denotes a negative quality which we need to overcome, to become a ruler over the self once again:

  • Duryodhana; means the one who misuses (dur-upyog) wealth (dhan)
  • Dushasana; means a wicked (dusht) rule (shaasan)
  • Dhritrashtra; means a blind (dhrit) kingdom (rashtra), i.e., a kingdom ruled by a leader blinded by power & attachment
It’s important to note here that no parent would ever give such names to their children, hence showing these are actually symbolic of the negative qualities within.

Conclusion (Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Jayanti)

Hence today, let’s inculcate the essence of the Gita in our lives i.e., let’s remain stabilised in soul-consciousness & also see others as souls, alongwith remaining in the remembrance of God & following His elevated directions always. This very easily & naturally results in the inculcation of divine virtues within us & finishes weaknesses, finally transforming us from humans to deities, and hence the world outside from Kaliyuga to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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