Wish you a very Happy Holi

Today is Holi, which is one of the important festivals in India… Hence today, let’s understand the spiritual significance of this divine festival!


The word Holi has three meanings:
  • Ho-Li (or Ho gaya), which means whatever happened in the past has passed, now put a full stop
  • Ho-Li (means have become), hence we have become God’s now, we belong to Him
  • The word Holi matches with Holy, which means becoming pure


The 1st day of Holi involves lighting the Holi fire… And Fire has numerous characteristics we can learn from:
  • Fire transforms whatever is put inside it… ie vegetables get cooked, bricks become solid, gold gets purified, etc… Similarly, let’s also transform & finish our old sanskars of pain & sorrow
  • Fire burns & finishes all that’s waste & unnecessary… Similarly let’s finish all our waste patterns of thinking, which will make all our tasks easy, efficient & enjoyable


And indeed, lighting the Holi fire on the 1st day denotes burning all our weaknesses in the fire of meditation & determination


The 2nd day of Holi involves playing with colours… Hence denoting that when we finish all our weaknesses completely, our original virtues of peace love & joy get re-emerged fully… Hence making each moment a celebration, and our whole life a festival, the way life was meant to be!


Indeed, we can associate each color (of the rainbow) with the 7 original virtues of the soul… Further, the experience of each of these original virtues has a healing effect on a specific part of the body (as proved by numerous researches), as follows:
  • Violet – – > Bliss – – > Endocrine System (ie thyroid gland, pituitary gland, etc)
  • Indigo – – > Knowledge – – > Brain & Nervous System
  • Blue – – > Peace – – > Lungs & Respiratory System
  • Green – – > Love – – > Heart & Circulatory System
  • Yellow – – > Happiness – – > Stomach ie Digestive System
  • Orange – – > Purity – – > 5 sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth & touch) & Immunity System
  • Red – – > Power – – > Muscles & Bones ie Musculo-Skeletal system
Hence, playing this spiritual holi (of experiencing each of our original virtues in meditation by a communion with God), also keeps us physically much more healthier!


It’s said you are coloured by the company you keep (Jaisa sang vaisa rang जैसा संग वैसा रंग)… Hence, let’s remain in the most elevated company of God, which keeps us coloured in divine experiences… Indeed, His elevated company (ie remembrance) has numerous benefits:
  • Pushes us towards the experience of our original virtues of peace love & joy ie  soul-consciousness
  • We remain full of energy, making all our tasks easy & natural
  • Prevents boredom & sadness from coming in
  • Keep us protected from negative influence of outside situations & people


Further, when we’re colored in God’s divine company & are experiencing our original virtues, we also automatically share them with all others around… ie we spray the pichkari of the colors of our original virtues to all others around, creating a wave!… And the more we share, the more it increases within us, keeping us more & more full!


Indeed, this festive occasion provides the best opportunity to forgive & forget all past matters held against others, and start a new beginning of purity & love!


Scientists say only human eyes can see color, while the vast majority of birds & animals can only see black-&-white… Hence, we should feel so fortunate & grateful that we’re able to enjoy the beauty & colors of life!


Hence this Holi, let’s play Holi with God & immerse ourselves fully in the experience of our original virtues of purity peace love & joy… This empowerment of the soul acts as the fire which burns all our weaknesses, and we also share our experiences with all, creating a wave… Hence, this emergence of divine virtues & finishing of weaknesses, will finally transform us from humans to deities, and the world outside from Kaliyuga to the divine Land Satyuga once again!


Om Shanti!
By Me ☺

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