Wish you a very Happy Mahavir Jayanti

Today is Mahavir Jayanti, who was the 24th Tirthankar of Jainism… Hence, today provides an excellent opportunity to take some spiritual lessons from this great soul! 

The word ‘Mahavir’ itself means brave… Hence, let’s bravely face & finish our old sanskars of sorrow to emerge our divine sanskars of love & happiness once again!

Jainism is very much concerned about not giving sorrow even to small animals & insects… Hence alongwith, let’s also ensure we don’t give sorrow to people around us, since we’re children of God who is called Sukhakarata Dukhaharata (Bestower of Happiness & Liberator of Sorrow)… Indeed, let’s not even take sorrow from others, but instead heal their sorrow (ie rather than get hurt due to other’s anger, maintain our power of peace & heal their anger!)

Jainism takes care not to eat tamasik food (like non-veg, onion, garlic, etc)… Similarly, let’s also ensure we don’t give any impure food ie information to our sacred mind… Since this information will act as the basis of our thoughts, hence destiny

Mahavir is always shown in a meditative pose… Similarly, let’s practice meditation daily ie connect to our true self and to God which fills us with divine virtues & powers, hence making all aspects of our life easy & natural!

Mahavir is also called Mahavir Swami ie the sustainor & protector… Hence, when we inculcate elevated virtues, we automatically sustain everyone around us through our elevated vibrations, sweet words & royal behavior

Jainism gives great regard to saints… Similarly, let’s give full regard to the genuine, honest & saint-like personalities around us!

Jainism gives a lot of importance to renunciation… God explains now that renunciation doesn’t mean leaving the world (which is anyway not possible), but it actually means leaving all the negativities like greed, attachment, etc, while living in this world… Hence, we become like a lotus flower (which grows in mud yet remains above) ie living in this world but protected from any negative influence, thereby positively influencing the world around!

Mahavir (like all other great souls like Jesus Christ, Abraham, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, etc) just came to give the message of love, unity, forgiveness, right way of living, etc… Their aim was not to establish a different religion…. It’s only much later when we started connected to the teacher (who were different) rather than the teachings (which were fundamentally the same), that we started dividing ourselves in terms of religion… Hence today, let’s become united once again by realizing all of us are souls, children of one Supreme Father ie we are One… This’ll be the best tribute to Mahavir, since this’ll ensure we truly follow his teachings of unity & love, and fulfill the aspirations he had for us

Hence, by bravely finishing our old sanskars of sorrow & of putting in wrong information, let’s emerge our original divine virtues of love unity & harmony, and thereby sustain everyone around with the same virtues, hence helping bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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