Wish you a very loving International Maternal Health Day

International Maternal Health Day pictureInternational Maternal Health Day

Today 11th April is International Maternal Health Day. Hence today, let’s enhance the health of the mother residing within each & every one of us!

Mother just means the virtue of selflessly caring for & sustaining others… Indeed, this love is the original virtue of every soul (& soul is beyond the domain of gender)… Hence, each & every one of us can care for, sustain & nurture everyone around us like a mother!

Hence today, let us keep sharing the gift of good wishes & pure feelings in every interaction, for each soul we come into contact with… By creating thoughts like:

  • May good happen to them
  • May they be benefitted
  • May they achieve success in their lives
  • May they remain free from sorrow
  • May them become full of the experience of their original virtues of peace, love & joy
  • May they get connected to their Supreme Father once again, and thereby remain full of divine experiences & attainments always

Indeed, this gift of good wishes is the best gift that can be given, since those vibrations radiates towards & empowers them

And in order to give love to others, we first need to care for & have love for ourselves… Hence, let’s:

  • Appreciate the virtues within us, and the good deeds we’ve done in the past
  • Let’s accept our old habits & acknowledge the transformation we’ve achieved till now, this’ll empower our transformation further!
  • Give the mind what it truly & originally likes ie pure spiritual knowledge & connecting to God

Indeed, the mind is just like a little child, hence let’s treat it with a lot of love!

In order to give the energy of love & harmony to others, we first need to be full of it ourselves… Hence, let’s connect directly to the Supreme Mother God in meditation, to experience & fill ourselves with His divine original virtues of peace love & happiness, and thereby keep sharing them with everyone!

Today, let’s also take a moment to:

  • Thank our dear Mother, who has brought us up with so much love & care right from childhood
  • Thank our Mother Earth, for always being ever-giving ie providing us with a place to live, fertile land to grow crops, fuel & minerals, etc
  • Thank our Supreme Mom God for unconditionally loving, sustaining & caring for us always!


Hence today, let’s experience the love & sustenance of our Supreme Mother God to awaken the mother within us, and thereby keep sustaining & nurturing everyone around us with the original virtues of peace love & happiness… Hence, this not only empowers & benefits others (and awakens the mother within them!) , but firstly keeps us full of the experience of these qualities always, hence making us instrumental in bringing the ever-loving divine land Satyuga once again!

Indeed, this day is actually called the International Day of Maternal Health & Rights… Hence, all of us have the right to connect to our Supreme Mother God, and to become a mother for everyone around us, and thereby bring Satyuga again!

Om Shanti!

Hope you liked this article on ‘International Maternal Health Day’! 

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