Spiritual Women Empowerment (International Widows Day)

Spiritual Women Empowerment (International Widows Day) pictureTomorrow 23rd June is International Widows Day. Hence today, please find some excellent points encouraging them in the journey of life ahead.

Coping with Death of Loved One

Like in a train journey, everyone’s boarding & departure points are different… Similarly it is in the journey of life… Hence, it’s no one’s fault.

The soul is energy, hence can neither be created nor destroyed ie it’s immortal, eternal & imperishable… Hence, death just means leaving one body & taking up another.

And just leaving the body doesn’t mean the relation is over… ie the soul is still catching our thoughts & vibrations

And as are the thoughts, so are the vibrations… Hence, while remembering someone we’ve lived with for years is natural, but we definitely have a choice whether to remember with grief & sorrow, or with love & gratitude… Hence, let’s always remember them positively to send the right energy to them, which helps them in their journey ahead in the next birth

Indeed, while we have only lost one major relative, they’ve lost all their relatives & possessions…. Hence, they’re in much more need of the right energy, than us.

And if we really love someone, we can’t afford to send them even a single negative vibration!

Hence, the call of time is not to go in grief ourselves, but to send them powerful vibrations of peace!… And for giving to others, need to first fill ourselves with true peace & love by empowering the mind.

The role of Spirituality

While the above points may seem perfect & logical, implementing them requires a lot of power… Hence, let’s take the benefit of our nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre, where God’s direct spiritual knowledge & meditation not only helps keep ourselves strong, but also empowers us to send the right energy to them!

God says I’m your eternal husband, and I’m immortal & imperishable… Hence, you can never ever consider yourself a widow!

God loves us unconditionally, & only He can be with us 24×7… Hence, we can never feel ourselves alone.

indeed, God says I’m always free & available to help you, & fill you with all virtues & powers… Hence, let’s hold His hand tightly now!

God’s loving canopy of protection protects us from everything & everyone… Hence, let’s keep following His elevated directions, & remain very light

At the present times, God offers to give all our burdens to Him… Hence, let’s genuinely hand over all responsibilities to Him… Then fulfill them as an instrument ie in the awareness God is doing through me, to remain very light & relaxed!

Relations & Wealth

Although one relative has left, there’re many other relatives around us… Hence, let’s take care of ourselves, to take care of them.

Some go in so much grief & sorrow for extended periods, that people start moving away from them… Hence, let’s also take care of those around us… And to genuinely do that (ie to radiate the right energy to them), need to let go this baggage of sorrow.

Earning money is easier when the state of mind is good… Indeed, there’re numerous money-earning activities that can be carried out even from home, like home tuitions, beauty parlour, tailoring work, etc… Hence, we can remain light about this aspect.


Hence today, let’s realize the soul is still catching our thoughts & vibrations… Hence, let’s connect to the Supreme Beloved God, to empower the mind by filling it with true peace & love… This automatically keeps radiating those elevated vibrations to the departed soul, hence helping them immensely in the journey ahead… And indeed, when we remain stable in this big situation, we’ll automatically remain stable in all other smaller situations too… Hence, becoming instrumental in bringing the divine sorrow-free land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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