Spiritual Inspirations from Sheep

Spiritual Inspirations from Sheep pictureToday, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from sheep!

The warmth of virtues!

Sheeps give us wool, which is very warm… Similarly, let’s warmly welcome & interact with all!

Wool is white in color… Hence, let’s also become very pure & white within like wool!

Sheeps make a typical ‘baa’ sound… Similarly, let the sound of gratitude appreciation & joy keep coming from our mouth!

Sheeps are small in size… Hence, let’s also become very small & egoless from within!

Sheeps are usually found in herds… Hence, let’s also remain united with all!

Transforming our thoughts!

Sheeps need to be sheared with clippers for getting wool… Hence, let’s also shear (ie finish) our negative thoughts & habits, to become very warm & soothing like wool!

To become like the sheep, let’s never weep ie let’s not create even a single negative thought of sorrow!

Sheeps have less weight… Hence, let’s overcome the weight of waste thinking, to experience being very light!

To become like the sheep, let’s peep (ie look) inside ourselves frequently (ie keep checking & changing our thoughts & feelings!) 

To become warm like wool, let’s use the tool of meditation to silence our mind!

Best Practices

Sheeps run very fast… Similarly, let’s become very fast in learning & implementing new points of self-progress in our life!

To become like the sheep, let’s leap (ie jump) over the small matters & situations in our life, by empowering the mind!

To become giving like a sheep, let’s become as strong as a keep! (ie fortress!)

Shepherds can even carry a sheep on their arms… Similarly, let’s become so strong from within, that we can carry our responsibilities in a very light & easy manner!

Sheeps are herbivorous… Hence, let’s also remain a vegetarian always!

The magic of Spirituality!

To become like the sheep, let’s hear the beep (ie inner voice) of the soul!

Sheep-rearing is a source of income for many… Hence, let’s also earn the wealth of spiritual wisdom, by finding time for listening to spiritual knowledge daily… And then keep churning it in our mind, while doing routine activities!

Wool can be processed into yarn… Similarly, let’s keep processing (ie churning) the spiritual knowledge we hear (which is as pure & white as wool!)… To automatically benefit from it’s implementation in numerous aspects of life! (like yarn!)

To become like the sheep, let’s allow spiritual knowledge to seep (ie get absorbed) inside us!

To become like the sheep, let’s experience the heap (ie stock) of divine virtues within!

The sheep’s child is called lamb… Hence, let’s always remain in the awareness of being God’s lamb (ie child)!

To become happy like sheep, let’s go deep in God’s remembrance!

To become like the sheep, let’s sit in the jeep (ie vehicle) of our pure intellect (ie visualising faculty)… To experience the powerful silence of the soul word, and our elevated future of Satyuga!

Shepherds take the sheep for grazing… Similarly, let’s take our mind to the nearest Rajyoga Meditation Centre for studying spiritual knowledge daily!


Hence today, let’s give the warmth of true love & respect to all, by first filling ourselves with the power of spiritual knowledge & God’s love… This not only keeps ourselves full, but also becomes instrumental in inspiring their elevated progress too, hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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