Spiritual Inspirations from Honey Bees

Spiritual Inspirations from Honey Bee pictureWish you a very sweet World Bee Day (Spiritual Inspirations from Honey Bees)

Tomorrow 20th May is World Bee Day… And it’s the 1st time ever this day is being celebrated, ie the UN has declared this new international day in 2018 itself!… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from honey bees & honey!

Bees sit on flowers & keep extracting their juice… Similarly, let’s remain in the company of God & keep filling ourselves with all His virtues!

Bees create honey, hence let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from honey:

  • Like bees give us very sweet honey, let’s also give very sweet words to all
  • Like honey is golden in color, let’s also become pure gold (ie truthful & genuine) from within
  • Honey is used for numerous purposes… Similarly, let’s make our life so valuable that it enriches the lives of others, in numerous ways!

Bees are very small in size… Similarly, let’s also become very small, egoless & humble!

Bees live in a beautiful honeycomb… Similarly, we’re also very fortunate to be living in very comfortable homes, where all our needs are fulfilled… Hence, let’s have gratitude for it, and also gratitude towards God & our parents, for keeping us so comfortable always!

Bees have a poisonous sting, but they use it only as a defence mechanism, hence it’s not their fault… Similarly, even if others get angry at us, let’s ensure that our actions like controlling, interfering, etc is not causing them to create anger… Hence rather than blaming others, let’s check & change ourselves!

Bees make a buzzing sound… Similarly, let’s keep buzzing knowledge in the ears of all!

It’s said bees take insects & make them into honeybees like themselves… Similarly, let’s not only become virtuous ourselves, but also make others virtuous!

Bee-keeping is a source of Income for many… Hence, let’s earn the income of blessings from all, since blessings keeps our stage very light & elevated throughout the day, without any efforts!

The word Bee rhymes with numerous words, hence:

  • To become like a bee, let’s be peaceful always!
  • To become virtuous (like a bee), we require no fee!… Hence, why not fill ourselves with all virtues!
  • To become like a bee, let’s keep the key to all treasures with us always ie God’s remembrance!
  • To become like a bee, let’s see the virtues & specialities of all!
  • To become like a bee, let’s replace the word me with we ie the virtue of unity!

Bees create honey from the juice in flowers… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from flowers:

  • The jasmine flower is very fragrant… Similarly, let’s keep spreading the beautiful elevated vibrations of divine virtues all around
  • The rose is the king of all flowers, having a beautiful form & fragrance… Similarly, let’s become a spiritual rose, and keep our face sparkling with happiness!
  • The sunflower always faces the sun… Similarly, let’s always keep our attention towards the Supreme Sun God, to remain full of His divine powers
  • The lotus flowers grows in mud yet lives above… Denoting living in this world yet being free from negative influence… Hence, let’s become as pure as a lotus flower
  • Indeed, let’s not become like a touch-me-not flower (which shrinks in the slightest of touches) or a night flower (which blooms only in the night)… But let’s become like a hibiscus flower (which is offered to deities like Lord Ganesha!)
  • The flower keeps giving it’s fragrance in everyone’s hands & even if kept near garbage… Similarly, let’s remain stabilised in the experience of our original virtues, irrespective of external challenges

Honey is also called madhu… Hence, let’s also visit Madhuban ie the forest of honey (ie the international headquarters of Brahma Kumaris) for a meditation retreat… Indeed, some scientists have remarked that Madhuban has the most elevated vibrations in the whole world, hence it’s definitely the best place to learn & practice meditation!


Hence, by staying in the loving remembrance of God, let’s keep extracting the juice of original virtues from Him (ie keep filling ourselves with His divine virtues)… At the same time, let’s also keep buzzing His sweet knowledge in the ears of all, thereby making everyone virtuous… Hence, this self-empowerment & empowering others will make us God’s true helper in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Insects like bees also fly like birds, hence let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from birds!

In a honeycomb, there’s one queen bee & hundreds of worker bees, but they all have full regard for the queen bee… Similarly, let’s always keep full regard for women!

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Hope you liked this article on ‘Spiritual Inspirations from Honey Bees’!

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