Spiritual Inspirations from Liquids

Spiritual Inspirations from Liquids pictureSpiritual Inspirations from Liquids

Today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from liquids!

 A life full of virtues!

Painting using brushes requires liquid colors… Hence, let’s fill our life with all colors ie with all virtues!

Soups (& buttermilk) are very healthy… Similarly, let’s always ensure a very healthy & happy mind!

Even a few drops of essence flavours the entire dish… Hence, let’s keep our words very sweet & essence-full!

The syrup of sweet dishes (like gulab jamun & rasgulla) is very important… Hence, let’s become even sweeter than syrup!

Even chocolate is available in liquid form… Hence like chocolate, let’s become everyone’s favorite!

Tea is the most popular beverage… Similarly, when we inculcate virtues within, even we become everyone’s favorite!

Ice-cream also becomes liquid gradually… Hence, let’s become as cool as ice-cream!

Fresh fruit juice is liked by many… Similarly, let’s always remain fresh through the power of meditation!

Liquids can be mixed easily… Similarly, let’s mix (ie adjust) easily with all!

Chlorine is used in swimming pools as a dis-infectant… Hence, let’s raise our level of purity so high, that the infection of negativity of everyone around gets removed in our presence!

Oil is used for a variety of purposes… Similarly, let’s also become an all-rounder in helping & serving others!:

  • Applying hair oil keeps our hair very smooth… Similarly, let’s keep our thoughts very smooth, which automatically makes our tasks also very smooth!
  • Oil is used as a lubricant… Hence, let’s avoid friction (ie resistance), to keep our relations very smooth! 

Changing the quality of our thoughts!

All liquids flow, unless kept in a container… Hence, to ensure our happiness keeps free-flowing, let’s contain our thoughts to only think positive always!

Barium is used in videofluoroscopy tests in hospital to check whether the patient can swallow food properly… Similarly, let’s keep checking & changing our thoughts, to ensure they’re of the top-most quality!

Many are addicted to coffee… Hence, let’s avoid getting addicted to our own old thinking patterns of sorrow!

Fluorine is an essential micro-nutrient, hence it’s already present in our drinking water… Similarly, spiritual knowledge contains all the emotional nutrients required for a healthy & happy life, hence let’s keep listening to it daily… And it makes our thoughts & words so elevated, that our words act as the nutrition for others minds!

Easy Spirituality!

Ink is used to write… Hence, let’s write our most illustrious fortune, using the pen of elevated karma (& the ink of spiritual knowledge!)

Dal (which is usually prepared in liquid form) is very nutritious… Similarly, let’s keep listening to very pure nutritious spiritual information daily, which keeps our thoughts very elevated… And also increases the inculcation of divine virtues in our life!

Hydrochloric acid in stomach helps digest food… Similarly, let’s churn spiritual knowledge to easily assimilate it within us!

Finile is used while mopping rooms to kill germs… Similarly, let’s remain in the remembrance of God (who is ever-pure!), to kill all the germs of vices & weaknesses from within us!

If we try to hold mercury in our hand, it instantly slips away… Similarly, if we try to remember God as a static being, His remembrance can quickly slip away… Instead, let’s develop a very close & loving relation with Him, to remain in His very frequent & natural remembrance always!… And thereby, remain full of all powers!

Liquid is used to dilute… Similarly, let’s dilute any difficult past memories, through wonderful experiences in meditation daily!

Best Practices!

Tears are also liquid… Hence, let’s go beyond all types of sorrow, by always remembering that:

  • God, the Ocean of Happiness Himself, has made me His… Hence, not even a single wave of sorrow can touch me!
  • No one can create hurt or sorrow inside me… I’m the creator of my thoughts & feelings!

We offer sherbet to welcome guests coming at home… Similarly, through the power of our elevated thoughts & vibrations, let’s keep a very pure & elevated environment at our home, to automatically fill guests & family with a deep feeling of peace & love!

Today, there’re many liquid cleaning solutions available, which evaporate away quickly after applying… Similarly, let’s serve others in a very selfless manner, without even needing to remember the various good acts we have done for others!

Some patients are prescribed only liquid (or semi-solid) foods for easy swallowing… Similarly, let’s share only very refined knowledge with all, based on our practical experience, to ensure they’re easily able to implement & benefit!

Although cold-drinks are tasty, they have many ill-effects on the body… Similarly, let’s avoid getting trapped in unnecessary desires & attractions, which seem attractive but reduce soul power!


Hence today, let’s aim to keep our flow of happiness free-flowing, by remaining in the remembrance of the ever-pure God & keeping attention on our thoughts… This also ensures we’re easily able to mix (ie adjust) with others… Hence, in essence, God’s spiritual knowledge & meditation is the best way of writing the most illustrious destiny for us & others around… And not just a better destiny, but the must elevated destiny of the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Water is the most common liquid,.. Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

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Blood is also liquid… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from blood!

Hope you liked this article on ‘Spiritual Inspirations from Liquids’! 

Image Courtesy: José Manuel Suárez @ CC BY-SA 2.0

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