Wish you a very healthy World No Tobacco Day

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De-Addiction, the spiritual way! 

Today 31st May is World No Tobacco Day. Hence today, let’s understand the scientific & spiritual aspects of overcoming addictions ie de-addiction.

These addictions may be towards substances (like tobacco, alcohol, drugs) or towards gadgets, shopping, etc… And addiction just means searching for the right thing (ie happiness) at the wrong place (ie in addictions like smoking)… Hence, the desire of the soul for happiness is very genuine, but they’re just using the wrong things

So, how can the soul leave this wrong thing? It’s very simple!… If a child is playing with a dangerous knife & we wish to make him leave it, what do we do?… Trying to forcibly snatch the knife from him, he might resist & injure himself in the process… Hence, the best technique is to give him another toy to play with, and he’ll automatically leave the knife… Similarly, when a soul starts filling himself with true permanent happiness through knowledge & meditation, he automatically starts leaving all the addictions… Hence rather than forcing & arguing, we just need to guide them towards the right path

This is the wonderful principle behind the various De-Addiction camps organised by Brahma Kumaris, which have helped thousands of souls overcome addictions, and which have also been the recipient of numerous awards by various state governments of India… Hence, recommending your addicted friends & relatives to attend such a camp is indeed the best & most elevated form of service you can do for them

And indeed, every soul very well knows the impact of addictions on physical & emotional health and wealth, and hence wants to leave it… But the only thing lacking is the power to change… And it’s exactly this power which is provided very easily by meditation… And indeed, the effect of meditation is so magical that many observe their required dosages going down drastically (& finally finishing) without any other conscious effort on their part, just thanks to daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation

Also today, alongwith smoking & alcohol, let’s also overcome the subtle addictions to shopping, gadgets, etc by filling ourselves with true happiness.

Some associate smoking, alcohol, etc with social status… However, addictions are by no means status symbols, since making our mind dependent & addicted on small external substances is nothing to feel proud about.

If people around encourage us to take such substances and/or make fun of us when we leave addictions, they’re not our true friends… Hence we need to continue marching ahead towards leaving these addictions with full speed & determination, irrespective of such small barriers

Addictions operate by stimulating a certain section of the brain responsible for pleasure, but since this is an unnatural way of experiencing happiness, the amount of dosage required to experience the same level of pleasure keeps on increasing, resulting in chain-smokers, heavy drinkers, etc

And while many tend to take these addictions very lightly initially, but after a critical disease like cancer comes up due to it, it leads to a lifetime of repentance, guilt, pain & sorrow … Hence, let’s leave such dangerous pursuits and choose a life of peace & stability both for us & our family

And indeed, being children of the All-Powerful God, how can we ever become so weak & dependent?… God says this body is like your temple, and you’re the divine soul residing in it, hence we can definitely not put such impure things inside our temple-like body… Indeed, we cannot try such things even once!

And indeed, there were no such addictions in Satyuga, and we never see pictures of deities consuming such substances … Hence, by leaving such addictions & becoming full of true happiness, we’ll become instrumental in bringing the divine ever-happy land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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