Spiritual Inspirations from Cows

Spiritual Inspirations from Cows pictureSpiritual Inspirations from Cows

Today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from cows!

The Art of Giving!

Every aspect of the cow gives e.g., milk, cowdung, leather (after death), etc… Hence, let’s also keep giving to all!

Cow’s milk is thinner, hence easier to digest… Similarly, let’s make our presence so light & soothing, instead of controlling & influencing, that everyone can live very comfortably alongside us!

Cow urine is said to have purification properties… Hence, let’s raise our level of purity so high, that our presence itself purifies the minds of others!

Even after death, the cow’s skin gives leather… Similarly, let’s live such an elevated & illustrious life full of blessings, that people keep getting benefitted even after we leave!

Cowdung has healing properties… Hence, let’s heal the peacelessness & sorrow of everyone around… By first becoming full of true peace & happiness ourselves, through spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Many go to feed cows with grass… Similarly, let’s feed everyone around with spiritual knowledge!

Many cows are white in color… Hence, let’s also become very white & pure from within!

Rearing cows for milk (ie animal husbandry) is a source of Income for many… Hence, alongwith earning the income of physical wealth (which is important, but can only give physical comfort)… Let’s also earn the income of blessings from all (which is what gives true happiness!)

The word ‘Cow

The word cow rhymes with numerous words, hence:

  • To remain cheerful like a cow, let’s always see the wow ie the good things in life!
  • To remain fresh like a cow, let’s remain in the now ie present!
  • To become pure like a cow, let’s go beyond the how (ie unnecessary waste questions like how, when, what, where!)
  • To become ever-giving like a cow, let’s learn to bow down & bend ie adjust with other’s sanskars!

Spiritual Inspirations from Villages

Most cows live in villages… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Villages:

  • Villages have a peaceful environment… Similarly, let’s keep a very peaceful environment at our homes & workplaces!
  • Villages have less pollution… Similarly, let’s avoid polluting our mind with waste!
  • Agriculture (ie planting crops) is the main occupation in villages… Similarly, let’s make planting the seeds of peace & love in all, as the spiritual occupation of our life!

Best Practices

Before planting seeds, bullocks are used to plough the field (ie to make the land soft)… Similarly, before planting the seeds of advice in others’ minds, let’s first empower them with a lot of love & respect!

Many cow slaughter houses have been closed… Similarly, let’s close the slaughter house of anger from within us… Indeed, let’s finish even the subtle violence of creating negative thoughts for others!

Cows have horns… Hence, let’s never keep any devilish sanskars within ourself!

Cows are herbivorous ie vegetarian… Hence, let’s also remain a vegetarian always!

It’s said cows never accept sweet dishes made out of it’s own milk… Similarly, after serving & benefitting others, let’s not accept on ourselves any name fame & appreciation that may come, but instead humbly direct the praise towards God!

Becoming spiritual!

Cowherds take the cows to graze grass… Similarly, let’s take our mind towards listening & churning spiritual knowledge, to make our life truly elevated!

Since they’ve 2 stomachs, cows chew the same food twice… Hence, after listening to spiritual knowledge once, let’s keep churning it in our mind, to ensure it gets very easily assimilated within us!

Indeed, if the cow’s not chewing, it’s a sign of the cow being ill… Similarly, if we don’t churn on pure spiritual knowledge, it means we’re definitely thinking of waste ie about the past, what others should do, etc, which is a sign of emotional illness!… Hence, let’s develop a habit of thinking about good things always! 

Cattle start walking immediately after birth… Similarly, as soon as we understand & realize an elevated point of knowledge, let’s start implementing it immediately, to get instant benefits! 

Cows have a lot of belonging towards their Master… Similarly, let’s always belong to God ie become His!

Cows make a typical ‘Moo‘ sound… Hence, let’s always keep hearing the sound of God’s elevated versions ringing in our ears!

Cowdung ie Gobar is used to create Gobar Gas ie fuel… Similarly, let’s fuel the spiritual progress of everyone around us!

Cows are considered sacred & worshipped…. Hence, let’s raise our level of purity so high, and inculcate such wonderful virtues within us, that we become like worship-worthy deities!

Scriptures show Lord Krishna as a cowherd… Hence, let’s also become as virtuous like Shri Krishna!


Hence today, let’s become a spiritual cow ie make God our Master & keep eating His grass of spiritual knowledge… Then, let’s also keep chewing (ie churning) it in our mind, which keeps increasing our spiritual strength… This also automatically ensures we keep sharing the milk of wisdom, elevated vibrations & sweet behaviour with all… Hence, this inculcation of Spirituality will become instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Cows give us milk… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from milk!

Alongwith cows, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from turtles, birds & honeybees!

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