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Creating high-energy places

Today 5th June is World Environment Day. Hence today, let’s realise that along with the physical environment, there’s also a subtle environment of vibrations around us.

That’s why we experience a big difference in the energy field of a temple, home or restaurant. Let’s understand why this is so, i.e. let’s understand how the energy field of a place is created. 

It’s the property of all types of energy (e.g. sound energy, magnetic energy, etc) that energy always vibrates. Similarly, thought is also energy which has vibrations, and as is the quality of thought, so is the quality of vibrations which radiates to the environment around. Thus, since everyone goes to the temple with very pure peaceful thoughts, those are the collective vibrations hence the energy field of a temple. And since we create different quality of thoughts at different places, the vibrations of each place are different.

Hence, it’s my thoughts which have the power to create the energy field of a place. Hence today, let us aim to make our home and workplace high-energy places. This will help everyone there to experience the comfort of purity & peace, which boosts their efficiency & creativity, increases belonging, reduces conflict & creates harmony, empowers everyone to face challenges with stability and most importantly, increases the peace & satisfaction levels of us & everyone around.

And creating a high-energy place is very easy, since we just need to ensure we keep creating pure elevated thoughts & keep waste negative thoughts to a minimum. Here are some simple powerful tips to ensure this:

1. As is the information feeded in, so are our thoughts. Hence, putting in pure positive information even for 10-15 minutes daily creates pure thoughts, thereby creating pure vibrations not only during that time but also everywhere we go since our elevated thoughts travel with us.

2. Meditation means creating pure elevated thoughts, including those related to the original qualities of the soul & the Supreme. And since God is the Unlimited Source of Purity Peace & Love, connecting to such a highest frequency elevates our frequency also very high, automatically making the environment around very pure and powerful.

3. It’s a very good practice to list down 2-3 specialities of each soul we come into regular contact with, and keep these in awareness whenever we interact with them. This makes both the environment and our interactions very light & harmonious.

4. Keeping attention on our thoughts, such that whenever they start going in a waste or negative direction, remind yourself that these thoughts will influence my feelings hence state of mind, the environment around and also reach the other soul. Thereby, change these thoughts using the power of knowledge.

Hence, by transforming our vibrations, let’s make our home & workplace like living temples. And indeed, when each one of our homes & workplaces start becoming temples, it will automatically make the world outside into the Land of Divinity, Heaven. Hence, by filling ourselves with God’s powers & knowledge, let’s start creating the New World Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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