Spiritual Inspirations from Hands (International Left Handers Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Hands (International Left handers Day) pictureSpiritual Inspirations from Hands (International Left handers Day)

Tomorrow 13th August is International Left handers Day. Hence today, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from hands!

Left-handers are a minority… Similarly, even we’re those very few fortunate souls whom God Himself has selected, for His divine task… Hence, let’s remain in full happiness keeping our great fortune in awareness!

Becoming righteous!

The word left means ‘has gone’… Hence, let’s forget all unpleasant memories of the past!

A shakehand 🤝 is usually done using the right hand… Hence, let’s become friends with all!

The right hand is used while performing charity… Hence, let’s keep giving to all!

The word right denotes righteousness… Hence, let’s always perform the most purest & righteous actions, thus creating our most illustrious fortune!

The word right also means correct… Hence, let’s perform the correct actions ie actions based on God’s elevated directions!

A good assistant is also called right hand… Hence, even though we may achieve lots of success in life, let’s remain in the awareness of being an assistant of God… ie let’s always remain very humble & egoless, and direct all praises towards Him!

Becoming God’s right hand!

It’s the right hand which is used for performing auspicious actions… Hence, God performs His most auspicious task of transforming Kaliyuga into Satyuga through us, which is such a wonderful fortune!

Most use the right hand to write ✍️… Hence, God writes the most illustrious fortune of this world through us!

We call someone our right hand, when we can fully rely on him… Hence, let’s become such that God can rely on us!

Right-handers are more comfortable using the right hand, & left-handers left… Hence, let’s keep such an elevated state of mind, that God can very easily & comfortably use us!

Most use the right hand to eat… Hence, alongwith listening to spiritual knowledge ourselves, let’s also feed spiritual knowledge in the minds of all!

Becoming powerful through soul-consciousness!

Most’s right hand is more powerful… Hence, let’s become powerful ie stable & happy in every scene of life!

The right hand is used to apply a tilak on forehead… Hence, since the soul’s location is also the centre of forehead, let’s remain in the awareness ‘I’m a Peaceful Soul’!

Indeed, Right-hander or Left-hander is just an aspect of the body… With the soul actually having no such limitations ie the soul is 100% dynamic!

Spiritual Inspirations from Fingers 🖐️

All fingers are different, yet each one is equally important… Hence, denoting the virtue of unity!

The index finger (ie first finger☝️) points towards one God, & says all of us are One!

The second finger ✌️ is the tallest… Hence, let’s always maintain a tall & elevated state of mind!

The third finger is used for applying tilak on forehead, denoting stabilising in soul-consciousness! (since the soul’s located in centre of forehead)

The last finger 🤘 is the smallest… Hence, let’s become very small, humble & egoless!

The thumb 👍 is fat & short, but is most important in co-ordinating the other fingers, handling, etc… Hence, let’s handle our subordinates & children with a lot of love!

Spiritual Inspirations from the Human Arm

The wrist is used to revolve the hand… Hence, let’s keep revolving around (ie remembering) God!

The palm is used to shake hands… Hence, let’s make everyone our friend, & live in harmony with all!

The biceps 💪 (& triceps) denote strength… Hence, let’s also become emotionally very strong!

The elbow is very flexible, enabling the arm to do a variety of tasks… Hence, let’s also become very flexible & adjust with everyone’s sanskars!

The shoulder muscles hold the entire arm… Similarly, let’s act as the silent backbone for the progress of everyone around!

The arm is one of the most important organs, since it allows us to work… Hence, let’s also do the work of spiritual seva ie serving & benefitting others… Which fills us with true happiness & also builds a tremendous amount of our future fortune!

Conclusion (International Left Handers Day)

Hence today, let’s become God’s right hand ie true helpers in His divine task of world transformation… By making our stage very pure, divine & powerful using the power of spiritual knowledge… And then serving & benefitting everyone around with a lot of love, thus fulfilling God’s most auspicious task of bringing the divine land Satyuga once again! 

Om Shanti!

In cricket 🏏 & baseball ⚾, there’re left handed batsmen & right handed batsmen… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from sports!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the various body organs

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