Spiritual Inspirations from Organs (Organ Donation Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Organs (Organ Donation Day) pictureSpiritual Inspirations from Organs (Organ Donation Day)

13th August is Organ Donation Day in India… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from organs!

Becoming virtuous!

Teeth are white in color… Hence, let’s also become pure white from within!

The skin is used to feel (ie physical sensation)… And as is the thought we create, so is our feeling (ie subtle feeling)… Hence, let’s always create pure & elevated thoughts to remain in elevated & happy feelings always!

The gums hold the teeth in place… Similarly, the power of meditation holds (ie keeps) our state of mind elevated!

Bones are very strong… Hence, let’s also become very strong from within!

Without the eyes, it’s as if the world doesn’t exist… And God says you’re Jahaan ke Noor [ie the light (of the eyes) of the world]… Hence, our part in this world drama is very very special, none can play our part better than us… Hence, let’s give full justice to our role, by sparkling it with the cloth of spiritual knowledge & cleansing agent of meditation!

The ears are used to hear… Hence, let’s take a moment to hear the subtle sounds of nature around us… Indeed, let’s also practice powerful meditation, to radiate very pure & powerful vibrations to the nature around!

Building Harmonious Relationships

The mouth is used to speak… Hence let’s always bring out only jewels (of spiritual knowledge) & flowers (ie sweet words) from our mouth, rather than stones (ie sorrow-giving words!)

The pancreas secrete insulin which keeps blood sugar levels in control… However, we don’t need to control the level of sweetness in our mind ie being children of the sweetest God, let’s become very sweet!

The spinal cord is very important, since it provides the backbone for the entire body… Similarly, let’s never forget those who’ve acted as the backbone for our success… ie our parents, teachers, friends & most importantly God!

The pituitary gland is very small… Hence, let’s become very small & egoless from within!

Serving all, with love!

The hands are used to perform activities… Hence, let’s become God’s right hand, and benefit & serve everyone around with a lot of love!

The mouth is used to eat… Hence alongwith listening to spiritual knowledge ourselves, let’s also feed (ie share) spiritual knowledge in the minds of all!

The whole human body is like a robot… Hence, let’s perform only the most elevated actions through this most precious & invaluable instrument!

Best Practices

Filling ourselves with God’s energy & powers!

The heart pumps blood throughout the body, hence important to take care of the heart… Similarly, the soul constantly radiates vibrations throughout the body, hence important to care for the mind!

Organs need glucose (ie energy) for working efficiently… Similarly, let’s fill ourselves with God’s spiritual energy through meditation, to experience the highest efficiency in work, and also keep experiencing supersensuous joy alongwith!

Lungs are like an empty (& airy) bag… Similarly, let’s keep our mind empty of waste, to then allow it to be filled completely with God’s love, knowledge & powers!

The kidney is essential to remove waste urea from the body… Hence, let’s merge all unpleasant memories of the past, by remaining immersed in God’s remembrance & spiritually serving others!

Facing situations with ease!

Pancreas secrete insulin… Similarly, let’s remain insulated (ie protected) from the heat of worries & sorrow outside, by remaining in the cool air-conditioner of God’s remembrance!

The liver secretes adrenaline when faced with challenges… Hence, even if challenges come, let’s aim to remain stable & happy always!

Organs need oxygen for survival… Similarly, silence is the oxygen for the mind, hence let’s take regular 1-minute meditation breaks to fill ourselves with peace & silence through meditation (ie by connecting to the Ocean of Peace God!)

The nose filters out dust & waste particles from the air we breathe… Similarly, even if someone shares negative information with us, let’s filter it by only looking at virtues of those involved, and by taking the learning from the essence of it!… And this becomes very easy by filling ourselves with the power of spiritual knowledge daily!

The magic of Spirituality!

The power of spiritual knowledge!

The tongue is used to taste… Hence, let’s develop the taste of listening to spiritual knowledge, to keep experiencing a constantly improving inner quality of life!

The liver secretes digestive juices essential to digest food… Similarly, let’s keep churning spiritual knowledge in our mind, to ensure it gets very easily assimilated within us!

The thyroid hormone regulates the growth of the body… Similarly, let’s keep churning spiritual knowledge, to grow (ie increase) the wealth of spiritual wisdom inside us!

Connecting to God!

The immunity system is very important… Hence, let’s become immune to outside negative influence, by remaining in the elevated company of God always!

Blood keeps circulating around the body… Similarly, let’s keep circulating around (ie remembering) God!

Muscles help move the body… Hence, let’s keep moving (ie going closer & closer) towards God!

The legs are used to walk… Hence, rather than just walking, let’s race ahead in this spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Experiencing optimum health!

The hypothalamus is a master gland, through which the soul controls the body… Hence, let’s empower the soul, to automatically empower the whole body!

Many scientific researches have proved, that the experience of each original virtue of the soul, has a beneficial effect on a specific organ of the body:

  • Peace – – > Lungs & Respiratory System
  • Love – – > Heart & Circulatory System
  • Happiness – – > Stomach & Digestive System
  • Bliss – – > Endocrine System (ie all the hormones)
  • Purity – – > All 5 sense organs (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, touch) & Immunity System
  • Power – – > Bones & Musculo-skeletal system
  • Knowledge – – > Brain & Nervous System

Hence, let’s practice powerful meditation (ie a powerful experience of our 7 original virtues) to automatically keep the body healthy, by ensuring a healthy & happy mind!

Conclusion (Organ Donation Day)

Hence on Organ Donation Day today, let’s take all the above spiritual inspirations from organs… In particular, let’s empower the soul by remaining connected to God, this automatically keeps radiating very pure & powerful vibrations to the whole body, keeping it healthier… Then, let’s use this good health for spiritually serving others & for making fast spiritual progress, hence creating the most illustrious fortune for both us & others, of bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

The brain stands for intelligence… Hence, let’s also understand what true intelligence means!

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