World Food Day

Today, 16th October is World Food Day. Just like the food we eat creates our body, the food (information) we put in the mind creates the quality of our thoughts, hence affecting our quality of life & destiny.

Hence, let’s devote 15-20 minutes daily for putting in pure spiritual knowledge, which automatically helps keep our thoughts & state of mind elevated. And just like breakfast is the most important meal, it’s best to listen in the morning with a fresh mind, to ensure it’s experience remains with us throughout the day.


Indeed, we listen to God’s direct elevated versions (which we call Murli class) daily at the Centre, mostly in morning. This significantly helps boost our stage since:
  • We experience God’s unconditional love & elevated vision on us, He says your transformation will transform the entire world, He reminds how you were 100% pure & divine in Satyuga, etc… This takes our self-respect very high
  • We don’t just listen to knowledge of the Soul & Supreme, but the pure environment of the Centre helps us experience a powerful connection with the Supreme, filling ourselves with powerful energy at the start of the day
  • God’s words are the most elevated source of information, hence very easily making our thoughts & state of mind elevated too
  • God is 100% soul-conscious, hence listening to Him makes us also soul-conscious ie in the powerful experience of our original virtues of peace, love & happiness.


Alongwith taking healthy meals, we also ensure not to eat too much junk to maintain health. Similarly, to maintain our elevated stage, we need to keep a check on the quality of information we put in throughout the day.
  • Junk food (although tasty) is harmful long-term. Similarly gossip, pranks, jokes making fun of politicians & celebrities, etc might feel good, but it’s quality will subtly & surely affect our quality of thoughts, hence be damaging
  • Over-eating is harmful, hence let’s avoid over-loading information through too much news, social media, etc since it results in too much thoughts, affecting our peace
  • Under-eating is inadequate, hence we need to listen to good things for adequate time (at least 15-20 minutes) rather than just reading a few motivational thoughts for a minute
  • Like we need to eat regularly for good health, similarly need to study knowledge regularly for easy inculcation


Only when we’re not feeling happy inside, we start looking for it outside in waste matters. Hence, let’s increase our experience of true happiness through meditation (Rajyoga), this will automatically ensure we remain protected from junk information.


There’re many souls who follow best eating practices strongly, and don’t even touch oily / fatty foods even though others around may force them. Similarly, when we listen only elevated & avoid junk, waste matters will stop coming in front of us.


Some feel I’m not interested in knowledge, which is like saying “I don’t like eating salad but yet want a healthy body”. Hence, if I wish to remain free from negative & full of happiness, I need to develop the taste of listening to pure knowledge.


Although healthy foods like salad, sprouts, oats, etc may not be considered tasty, there are expert cooks today who create very tasty dishes out of healthy ingredients. Hence, let’s make our state of mind & spiritual practice so elevated & refined that our experiences & attainments make spiritual progress very easy for everyone around, hence helping them too remain free from negative & in the experience of their original virtues of peace love & happiness always.


Hence, in essence, let’s continue putting in pure spiritual knowledge & remain connected to God, this will keep us full of divine energy making inculcation of divine virtues very natural & also inspire everyone around to do the same, hence helping create the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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