Spiritual Inspirations from Bicycles

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Wish you a very speedy World Bicycle Day

Tomorrow 3rd June is World Bicycle Day. And this is the 1st time ever this day is being celebrated ie the UN has declared this new International Day in 2018 itself!… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from bicycles!

The importance of empowering the mind!

Bicycles require a handle for easy maneuvering… Similarly, when our mind is peaceful, we’re able to handle & direct our thoughts in the required direction very easily!

Some bicycles have a basket in front, for transporting goods… Similarly, when our mind is empowered, we’re able to manage the burden of responsibilities, very lightly & easily!

Bicycles can navigate easily even in narrow paths… Similarly, an empowered mind is able to remain stable & happy even in the most sensitive of circumstances!

Cycling for long periods requires a lot of stamina… Similarly, we need a lot of energy to be able to remain stable & happy throughout the day, inspite of challenges… Hence, let’s empower our mind by daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation!

There’re many cycling professionals today… Hence, let’s also become a professional in maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Bicycle wheels are strong & durable… Similarly, let’s also become very strong from within!

How to empower the mind?

Oil is needed to keep the bicycle smooth… Hence, let’s use the oil of knowledge to keep our life smooth!

Bicycle wheels need to be filled with air regularly… Similarly, need to fill ourselves with positivity regularly, by listening to & attending spiritual sessions!

Bicycles are free from pollution… Similarly, let’s avoid polluting our mind with waste information!

Cycling for long durations can be tiring… Similarly, spending the whole day without taking a spiritual break for a minute or two can be very tiring… Hence, during our regular lunch & travel breaks, let’s also spend a few meditative moments in silence… In this regard, would highly recommend to you the Just A Minute meditations, which are for 1 minute each, and which greatly help refresh & relax the mind!

Cycling is a form of exercise, and indeed many even keep a static bicycle at home for exercise… Similarly, let’s also practice the exercise of mind (ie meditation) daily!

Many love making rounds around their apartment on their bicycle… Similarly, let’s keep revolving around (ie remembering) our Supreme Beloved God

While learning bicycles, even though one may fall a couple of times, they continue to practice with determination… Similarly, even though we may sometimes fall emotionally, let’s quickly get up & start building our elevated stage once again!

Today, bicycle races are even held on an international scale… Hence, let’s race ahead in our spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Maintaining harmonious relationships

There’s wonderful co-ordination between the pedals & wheels… Similarly, let’s have perfect co-ordination ie harmony between our thoughts, words & actions… This automatically ensures excellent co-ordination with our colleagues & family too!

Cycling needs good balance… Similarly, let’s keep a perfect balance between love (facilities) & law (discipline), self-service & serving others, work & relations, etc… Because balance earns us lots of blessings, keeping us in a state of bliss always!

All parts of the bicycle can be dismantled easily… Similarly, let’s always be flexible & ready to change, rather than be stiff & hard!

Bicycles are locked using chains… Similarly, let’s avoid getting chained by our own past sanskars, which lock us away from true ever-lasting peace & happiness! 

Bicycles occupy very limited parking space… Similarly, let’s also live our life very peacefully & silently, without disturbing others!

Bicycle wheels are made of rubber… Hence like rubber, let’s become flexible and adjust to everyone’s sanskars!

Bicycles come in many different styles… Similarly, everyone’s style of thinking speaking & working is different, hence let’s learn to accept & accommodate all!

Pedals need to be large enough to place foot upon… Similarly, let’s always keep a big heart which accommodates one & all!

Even bicycles have gears… Similarly, let’s always keep a slow gear when interacting with others, and a fast gear when working on ourselves!

Bicycles have a ring to press… Similarly, let’s keep ringing knowledge in the ears of all!

Becoming spiritual!

Bicycles require no fuel… Similarly, let’s progress ourselves (ie on our own) by studying spiritual knowledge & meditating, rather than depending on others!

It’s much easier to ride the bicycle in the direction of the wind rather than against it… Similarly, since God Himself has descended now, this is the best time to work on ourselves & experience easy transformation… Hence, let’s start our spiritual journey by attending the 7 days Rajyoga Meditation course at our nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre… Or by atleast starting to listen to the very simple & easy TV program ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris‘ by Sister Shivani, on TV or YouTube!

Bicycles are the cheapest form of transport… Similarly, God gives His spiritual knowledge to us absolutely free of cost!

Static bicycles are kept in gymnasiums… Hence, let’s also visit the spiritual gymnasium (ie our nearest Rajyoga Meditation Brahma Kumaris Centre) for strengthening our mind daily!

Those comfortable with cycling also find it easy to ride bikes… Similarly, when we consider ourselves a soul, it also becomes very easy to stabilise in the remembrance of God!

Both wheels need to be of the same size for proper balance… Similarly, since God has given us the aim of becoming from human to deity, let’s ensure our signs & symptoms (Lakshan) are consistent with our aim (Lakshya)!

Bicycles are a form of transport… Similarly, let’s transport our mind & intellect into the peaceful atmosphere of the soul world frequently, to experience becoming full of peace!

Many love riding on the bicycle… Similarly, God says I’ve given you the 3rd eye of knowledge, to travel & see the whole world & 3 aspects of time!… Hence, let’s keep riding with God, using this wonderful power of knowledge!

The wheels keep repeating & repeating around itself… Similarly, God shares us the knowledge of the time cycle… That just like the daily cycle (of morning, afternoon, evening & night) & seasonal cycle (of spring, summer, autumn & winter), there’s this bigger world time cycle [of Golden Age (Satyuga), Silver Age, Copper Age & Iron Age (Kaliyuga)]… Hence, the great news is that since it’s the end of Kaliyuga now, it’s now time for Satyuga to come again!


Hence on World Bicycle Day today, let’s ride in the direction of the wind & become a spiritual cyclist!… And race ahead in this spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always… This also gives a very helpful push to others around & gives them the most elevated example, hence inspiring them too to progress ahead, hence finally bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Children ride 4-wheeled bicycles to avoid falling… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from children!

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