Spiritual Significance of Adhik Maas

Spiritual Significance of Adhik Maas picture

In the lunar calendar, there’s an extra month which comes once every 3 years, called the Adhik Maas (ie month), which is considered very auspicious.

Hence since it’s this month which is currently going on, today let’s understand the true spiritual significance of Adhik Maas, or Purushottam Maas!

The True Meaning!

The word Adhik means extra… Hence, the Adhik month is basically an extra month that comes once every 3 years… Similarly, God reveals that between the usual 4 Ages of the world time cycle (Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwapar Yug, Kaliyuga)….There’s also a small extra Age, the Confluence Age (Sangam Yug) between Kaliyuga & Satyuga, when God Himself descends to transform Kaliyuga into Satyuga!

This month is also called the month of Purushottam (ie Purush Uttam, which means ‘The Elevated Soul’)… Denoting that this Confluence Age is the time we work on ourselves on God’s elevated directions, to finally become most elevated (ie Purushottam) deities once again… Hence, this is called the Purushottam Sangamyug!

This month is considered very auspicious… Similarly, the Confluence Age is also called Kalyankaari (ie very beneficial) Purushottam Sangamyug!

Hence in essence, it’s this Kalyankaari Purushottam Sangamyug ie Confluence Age which is currently going on at the present times, because God Himself has descended!


Many worship the peepul tree during this month… Because the tree is an excellent representation of the world time cycle:

  • The seed represents God, the Creator
  • The stem denotes the time of Satyuga Tretayuga, when we were all One
  • Then, we started getting divided on the basis of many factors
  • Now, the tree has become very degraded & discharged
  • So God (the seed) comes once again to establish the new tree…

Hence, this again points towards the importance of this Confluence Age!

Many organise kathas (ie reading scriptures) during this month… Because this Confluence Age is the time to keep listening to God’s direct elevated versions daily!

Many perform Yagyas (ie sacrificial fires) during this month… This actually denotes practicing the fire of meditation, which burns all the weaknesses within!… Indeed, one of the main tasks of God in this Confluence Age, is He teaches us easy Rajyoga Meditation ie connecting to Him accurately, thereby making us full of all virtues & powers!

Many do fasts during this month… This just denotes going beyond thinking of gross physical matters like food, and connecting to the subtle energies of the soul & supreme soul!

Many perform a lot of charity during this month… Similarly, now is the time to donate the wealth of knowledge, virtues & powers to all!

New things are not purchased during this month… This denotes this Confluence Age is not the time to enter into new karmic debts & bondages, but it’s now time to settle with love all past accounts of sorrow, for the new beginning of Satyuga!


Hence this time on Adhik Maas, let’s realize the importance of this most elevated present time which is currently going on… We’ve called out to God for thousands of years, hence now that He Himself has descended, let’s re-connect to Him by listening to His direct spiritual knowledge & learning easy Rajyoga Meditation from Him… Hence, this is the best way of spending this most elevated time, which will transform us from humans to deities, and the world outside from Kaliyuga to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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